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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


The Edinburgh Advantage

The Edinburgh Advantage

Students taking the MSc in International and European Politics can take full advantage of a vibrant and intellectually stimulating community. The Edinburgh Europa Institute, the University’s research centre on European integration, is one of the most recognised institutes for the study of Europe. The University also hosts the Edinburgh Europa Research Group, its postgraduate forum for European affairs, and the European Union Society, its student society on Europe. Each of these organisations puts on numerous events, including seminars, lectures, panel discussions, debates and conferences, with academics and practitioners from Edinburgh and across Europe. European Futures, the University’s blog on Europe, is an internationally-recognised platform for academic discussion, commentary and insight on the issues facing Europe today. 

The weekly Transatlantic Seminar is an institution in the public debate about European issues and policy challenges in Scotland, and many of our staff feature regularly in national and international media. Our contacts with the Scottish and UK Governments and Parliaments, the EU institutions in Edinburgh and Brussels and practitioners throughout Europe and beyond enable students to make the most of their experience of studying in a European capital.

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