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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Programme and Aims

The MSc in International Development will assist students in developing a deep understanding of development processes in the Global South, and how international thinking and development practice has impacted around the world. Students will gain critical skills in analysing development policy and undertaking research in the context of developing countries.

The MSc programme seeks to contextualise and analyse the processes that have shaped poverty and underdevelopment in developing countries, and the many responses to them. The programme offers a grounded and multi-disciplinary grasp of issues of development in global, national and local contexts for students interested in pursuing a career in development agencies, research, the public sector and non-governmental organisations.

Specific aims are:

  • Development of analytical and conceptual skills to enable critical evaluation and investigation of development issues: What is development and 'where' does it come from?
  • Thorough training in comparative analysis: Can we understand international development comparatively?
  • In-depth knowledge of the main historical events, actors and processes that have shaped development: Is development ahistorical?
  • Detailed and comparative examination of local and international interpretation of development: Do local cultures fit into development? Are local perspectives important in development?
  • Knowledge and skills needed for pursuing career in development agencies, political institutions or academia: Has development worked in different regions of the world? What future for development?

At the end of the course, students should have a deep understanding of development processes and their implications, and how international thinking and perspectives on development have impacted upon societies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Students should have gained critical skills in analysing development policy and undertaking development research.

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