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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Gabriel Goldberg

Gabriel Goldberg
Gabriel Goldberg
Brussels, Belgium
Doing Now
Director/Founder Online Marketing Agency

MSc IEP 2001-02

My name is Gabriel Goldberg. I first visited Edinburgh in the framework of a job mission and instantly fell in love with that magical city. At the time, I was working in the marketing department of a large American multi-national company. I had previously achieved a degree in Business Administration in Jerusalem. As I was planning to do a Master's degree in International Politics, I chose to apply for the IEP course in Edinburgh which was by far my first choice.

Why did you decide to do the IEP degree?

Previously, I had studied a more 'practical' discipline (business administration) and wanted to follow with an academic course in an old and prestigious British university. Edinburgh was my first choice and the IEP degree was a perfect combination of academic, theoretical and practical disciplines. I know it was going to equip me with the right attributes to start a challenging career in the public and/or private sector.

What were your best memories?

Starting an IEP course just one month after 9/11 is memorable from a personal and intellectual point of view. Most observers describe it as the single event which changed the world we live in. We had so many discussions around the shape of the new world in and out of the classroom. I can remember we organised a get-together party once where we were all dressed in a stereotype of our national country and where one good friend from the course came dressed as an American soldier. Great humour and cynicism which was the basis of the lifelong friendships made in Edinburgh.

What is it that you do now and did the degree help in your career path?

I now manage an online marketing agency, Semetis, in Belgium. I set-up Semetis in 2009 and have developed it to a 12 people agency in 2011. We would like to grow to a size of 15 staff in the course of 2012. Semetis is an agency specialised in online marketing with various consulting and execution services. Semetis works with blue-chip companies such as National Rail, GDF, ING, National Television, AXA, Comet, IKEA, Ixina and many others in markets including Belgium, Netherlands and France. The IEP course has not directly helped but has certainly given me the right academic background and maturity in order to grow and be serious about taking responsibilities. IEP students understand the value of stakeholders and have the ability to see the big picture and quickly grab a market opportunity in order to continuously grow.

How did you like Edinburgh as a city?

Edinburgh is magical. I instantly fell in love with that city. I hope I will visit Edinburgh in the course of 2012 (I haven't been there for about 9 years and I miss this city so much). People are friendly, open and welcoming. The city is beautiful and enjoyable, and the prevailing attitude is liberal.