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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Scholarships and funding

Please see the Graduate School pages on scholarships and funding for more information. Here are a selection of opportunities that might be appropriate to the MSc in IR.  


• Graduate Discount Scheme

• Alumni (visiting Undergraduate) Discount Scheme

• UK/EU Master's Students Scholarships

• Edinburgh Global Master's Scholarships

• Edinburgh UK/EU Postgraduate Adult Returner Bursaries

• William Dickson Travelling Fund


Graduate Discount Scheme

Offers a 10% discount to students who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the university.


Alumni (Visiting Undergraduate) Discount Scheme

Students who matriculated on a “Visiting Programme” as a non-graduating undergraduate (exchange or visiting) student and completed a minimum of one semester of study are entitled to a 10% discount on tuition fees.


UK/EU Master's Students Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh offers 12 scholarships to UK/EU Master's Students, which cover tuition fees for the year.


Edinburgh Global Master's Scholarships

International Students would be eligible for these Scholarships, valued at £3,000 for one academic year. Twenty of these are available University-wide for postgraduate study in any subject offered by the University.


Edinburgh UK/EU Postgraduate Adult Returner Bursaries

Students on the IR MSc programme will be eligible to apply for this bursary to assist with childcare costs.


William Dickson Travelling Fund

Students can apply for an award from this Fund, which is used for graduates of the University of Edinburgh of not more than three years standing to assist them in travelling for study or research. This could be useful in the dissertation phase of the MSc.

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