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What is the difference between the taught MSc Medical Anthropology and the MSc by Research Medical Anthropology?

The taught MSc is best suited for students who have no prior knowledge of medical anthropology. The MSc by Research is designed as the first year of study for students aiming to do PhD-level research afterwards.

Students in both MSc streams take two core courses ("Anthropology of Health & Healing," "Anthropology of Global Health"). Students in the taught MSc take another four 20-credit courses. Students in the MSc by Research prepare for their own fieldwork project by taking a range of ESRC-recognized research training courses offered by the Graduate School.

Students in both streams write a dissertation. The dissertation for the taught MSc is always 15,000 words long and takes the form of an academic essay. The dissertation for the MSc by Research can be 15,000 words or longer, depending on the range of research training courses the student has taken over the year. The MSc by Research dissertation takes the form of a research proposal.

When does the programme run?

The programme runs from September to August. There is one intake per year. Students attend courses from September to March, and then focus on their dissertation. The timetable is varied for those part-time students taking the programme over two years.

How do I choose my courses?

You will be sent course pre-selection information during August. You will also be able to select or change courses during your induction week. You will have a one-to-one meeting with your Programme Director who will help you decide on a programme of courses that suit your aims and interests within the framework of the Medical Anthropology programme.

Are all courses offered every year?

The core courses and almost all other courses are offered every year, but a few optional courses only run every other year. This is usually because members of academic staff go on research leave or sabbatical. If you want to know if a particular course is going to be offered in the coming academic year, you can contact the Programme Director.

When will I graduate?

If all goes well, you will graduate in the McEwan Hall in the November or December, around three months after you submit your dissertation.

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