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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Colin Buzza

What were you doing before you applied to the MSc in Anthropology of Health and Illness?

Before entering the programme I was a visiting undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh, with plans to go to medical school in the U.S.  After experiencing the city for a year, and being introduced to both the anthropology faculty and the field of medical anthropology, the decision to defer entrance to medical school and stay on for the MSc was an easy one. 

Why did you apply to the programme?

With a strong interest in medicine and international public health, I hoped a programme in the anthropology of health and illness would provide a critical complement to later professional training in the medical/public health fields.  The location and faculty made this specific programme very appealing.   

What are your best memories from your time studying here?

Making friends from all over the world, lively debate in tutorial sessions, socializing with students and faculty after seminars, beautiful daily walks to campus, exploring Edinburgh, weekend trips to the Highlands, cheap flights to the continent 

What are you doing now?  Did the degree help you to get where you are?

I am currently pursuing an MD/MPH at the University of Iowa.  The MSc definitely provided critical skills that have already proven helpful in recognizing many methodological assumptions of medicine and public health.  I believe the sort of intellectual independence it fostered will continue to prove helpful in considering the many social, cultural, political and economic forces that provide both barriers to, and possible solutions for, upholding high standards of health.   

What's it like being a student in Edinburgh?

The school itself provides a stimulating academic environment—including experienced faculty and thoughtful peers—that affords students a great deal of independence.  On the whole, Edinburgh is very student-friendly, very livable: easy to meet interesting people, easy to get around, and lots of music, art and other cultural offerings.  Edinburgh is an exciting place to be a student, with very few drawbacks.   

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