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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


About the Programme

The MSc in Social Anthropology offers an intensive introduction to contemporary social anthropology. It is primarily intended for graduates with little or no previous training in anthropology; these may be either students contemplating future doctoral research in the subject or students who wish to acquire anthropological expertise to supplement their existing range of professional skills. The individual courses within the MSc programme range from those which offer a general overview of theories and theorists within social anthropology, to those concerned with the examination of specific issues like kinship, illness, politics, gender, or religion. As such it involves a combination of graduate-level seminar work with attendance in some undergraduate honours courses. By the end of the programme, all students would be expected to:

  • understand and be able to use core explanatory theories and concepts within the discipline of social anthropology
  • show awareness and critical appreciation of the ways in which anthropological studies can contribute to an understanding of broader issues in the study of human nature, society and culture
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