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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


SSPS Edinburgh Award for Digital Content Creation


This award is open to all SSPS students. 


The SSPS Edinburgh Award for Digital Content Creation provides tailored soft-skills training through interactive workshops and seminars.

Sessions are led by experienced practitioners from a broad range of sectors providing ample opportunities to learn, question and network. 

The Award has three inputs:

  1. Aspiring - identifying and understanding what it means to excel
  2. Developing - personal progress and embedding key skills
  3. Owning - understanding and conveying impact

graphic showing 3 award inputs

Students must attend each of the three input sessions:

Input 1 - 11 October 17

Input 2 - 23 January 18

Input 3 –  28 March 18

Outline of Activities

Students must complete the following:

  • Professional Development Series

Students must attend 20 hours of Professional Development events run by the Student Development Office.  A commitment of at least 25 hours is expected (20 hrs attendance at events, 5hrs personal reflections).

Appropriate sessions run by other providers in the University may be included in your hours (up to a maximum of 6hrs) however the majority of these hours should be from SDO led sessions.

With this award there are a number of mandatory skills training sessions, which are detailed at the bottom of the page.  The remainder of the 20 hours training can be selected from the wider SDO SPS skills workshops.

Mandatory skills sessions (11 hrs skills training) can be taken either in person or via online learning.

  • Impact on Peer Group

Each student must play an active role in creating a positive impact on their peer group.  

This can be done through holding positions of peer representation, organising a student-focused event or other ideas as agreed by the Student Development Office.  

A commitment of at least 30 hours is expected.

Throughout the year each student will submit reflective summaries, discussing how the Award has impacted on their professional growth including identifying skills for further development.

How to Enroll on the SSPS Edinburgh Awards

Read the following information before applying: Digital Content Creation Application Information

Registration for the SSPS Edinburgh Awards is now open, click here to register.

Mandatory elements of this award


Software Surgery in Wordpress and Google Sites, 1400-1600, Wednesday 25 October 2017, CMB Floor 3 and 6 meeting rooms - (30m orientation, followed by team or small group sessions)

This session will be broken down into platform-specific sessions. (Students should prepare for this session, by reviewing material from the LEARN site, appropriate to your choice of platform, in advance of attending a technical surgery.)

Delivered by SPS IT, Wordpress by Jamie Press and Google Sites by Rosie Watson

Book here: Please Book

Digital Marketing (incl. how to blog?)1300-1400, Wednesday 1 November 2017, Practice Suite, CMB

Delivered by Clare De Mowbray, Knowledge Exchange and Impact

Book here: Please book

Online Copyright and Intellectual Property, 1400-1600, Tuesday 7 November 2017, 01m.473 Teaching room 13, Teviot Medical school, Doorway 3

Are you ready to be challenged? Can you work out the legal way to incorporate external materials on your blog site? In this interactive session you will be working in groups to trouble shoot and problem solve the kinds of copyright and IP challenges you will come up against when publishing digital content.

Intellectual Property is everywhere today: from social media, online learning, music and video streaming to peer-to-peer networks. They all require a basic understanding of copyright and how creative works are protected by copyright law. What are the rights of the content creators, as well as the rights of the users?

This Copyright and IP Online course is well-suited to those who require a basic understanding of copyright law, licensing, and open educational resources. We’ll discuss copyright related issues from the point of view of a student and that of an employee in a commercial organisation. Copyright IP Online course is an important way to build confidence, awareness and skills, enabling compliance with the law and open educational resources.

Delivered by Eugen Stoica and Charlie Farley, IS

Book here: Please Book

Project Management, 1400-1600, Wednesday 15 November 2017, Location TBC

Delivered by Rhian Davies, Project Services

Book here: Coming soon

Basecamp Software Surgery – 1500-1630, Wednesday 29 November 2017, Location TBC

Delivered by Johanna Holtan

Book here: Coming soon

How to edit an academic journal? – Trainer and date - tbc


Effective Digital Content LEARN online– 2.5hrs



23Things online – 12hrs skills training

Mandatory elements to log 12h of skills training

Thing 1 & 2          Introduction and Blogging

Thing 3 & 4          Digital Footprint and Digital Security

Thing 5 & 6          Diversity & Accessibility

Thing 11 & 12     Copyright, OERs and Creative Commons

Thing 15 & 16     Digital Curation

Students completing 23Things for skills training are supported and moderated by Charlie Farley and will include Google Hangouts, Webinars and Group Work if students want to engage with the group as well as online activity.

Suggested session include:

Knowledge Exchange and Impact, 1400-1500 8 November 2017 & repeated 29 November 2017, Location TBC

Delivered by Laura Cockram, Knowledge Exchange and Impact

23 Things

Using Social Media in a Research Context, 1400-1600, 25 October 2017, Location TBC

Delivered by Chris Berry, Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team

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