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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


SSPS Edinburgh Award for Professionalism in Community Engagement


This award is open to all SSPS students. 


The SSPS Edinburgh Award for Professionalism in Community Engagement provides tailored soft-skills training through interactive workshops and seminars.

Sessions are led by experienced practitioners from a broad range of sectors providing ample opportunitites to learn, question and network. 

The Award has three inputs:

  1. Aspiring - identifying and understanding what it means to excel
  2. Developing - personal progress and embedding key skills
  3. Owning - understanding and conveying impact

graphic showing 3 award inputs

Students must attend each of the three input sessions:

Input 1 - 11 October 17

Input 2 - 23 January 18

Input 3 –  28 March 18

Outline of Activities

Students must complete the following:

  • Professional Development Series

Students must attend 20 hours of Professional Development events run by the Student Development Office.  A commitment of at least 25 hours is expected (20 hrs attendance at events, 5 hrs personal reflections).

Appropriate sessions run by other providers in the University may be included in your hours (up to a maximum of 6hrs) however the majority of these hours should be from SDO led sessions.

  • Impact on Peer Group

Each student must play an active role in creating a positive impact on their peer group.  

This can be done through holding positions of peer representation, organising a student-focused event or other ideas as agreed by the Student Development Office.  

A commitment of at least 30 hours is expected.

Throughout the year each student will submit reflective summaries, discussing how the Award has impacted on their professional growth including identifying skills for further development.

How to Enroll on the SSPS Edinburgh Awards

Registration for the SSPS Edinburgh Awards is now open, click here to register.

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