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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Practical Requirements

Emergency Contacts
In the event of an emergency while on your placement please contact:

During office hours (UK time 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday):

  • Lucie Stokes +44 131 650 4254
  • Sharon Boateng +44 131 651 5677
  • Edinburgh Global +44 131 650 4296

Out of office hours: 

  • The Edinburgh Global emergency number : +44 131 650 2257

Further information on ethics approval

Complete the online ethics form

The Student Development Office cannot advise on these matters, so please discuss with your supervisor, programme director, and host organisation.

PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups)
You may be on a placement that involves interaction with vulnerable groups. Please check with your host whether or not you are required to obtain disclosure certificates, as the need will differ by country and project.

Disclosure Scotland information 

Risk Assessment Forms

If you are travelling overseas and/or conducting fieldwork, you will need to complete the relevant risk assessment form.

You may be required to obtain a visa to enter and stay in the country of your placement. Please consult the country's embassy for specific application guidelines. The Student Development Office cannot advise on visa matters.

Research permit

You may be required to obtain a local research pemit for your project. Please consult local guidance on this matter.

Travel/Medical Insurance
For those travelling overseas, this is not optional. You must obtain travel/medical insurance for the duration of your placement. University insurance is mandatory and free.

Travel Letter
If overseas, the Student Development Office will provide you with a travel letter that may be useful to show officials in the country of your placement, if you require one. You may also require this letter for your visa application. If so, please ensure it includes all the details required by the country you will be travelling to; this information is usually available via the embassy.

Foreign Travel Advice
If you are going overseas, we will provide you with foreign travel advice from Red 24. Up to date travel advice is available from the UK Government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. You can also sign up for country-specific email alerts.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
This document will be based on the project outline provided by your hosts. You are required to sign this.  We will then pass the document to your programme director and host organisation for signature. We will contact you when any action is required for this.

Leave of Absence request form
This is a School/College requirement and should be completed in consultation with your Programme Director. 

Passport copy
If your project is overseas, please provide us with a copy of your passport. This copy can be digital.

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