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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


SSPS Edinburgh Award for Professional Development

Eligibility & Structure

This award is open to all SSPS students. 

To complete this Award, you will need to:

  • Attend the three input sessions
  • Complete 20 hrs of Professional Development workshops
  • Complete 5 hrs of personal reflection
  • Complete 30 hrs of impact activity

Please see the Award Structure page for further details.

Choosing your specialisation

In addition, you must choose a specialisation on which to base the impact activities for part 2 of the Award.  Four specialisations are available:

  • Community Engagement (creating impact at a School or subject-area level)
  • Public Engagement (creating impact through knowledge exchange activities with non-academic audiences)
  • Digital Content Creation (presenting your research in a digital format, eg: online journal, blog)
  • Coaching Skills (providing group coaching for 1st year SSPS students registered on the Edinburgh Award)

The SDO can provide advice and guidance on suitable activities for your part 2 impact work.

Edinburgh Students