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End of First Stage Review and Confirmation of PhD Registration

End of First Stage Review and Confirmation of PhD Registration
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22nd Mar 2017 14:00 - 22nd Mar 2017 16:00
Practice Suite, 1st floor, CMB

This course is for you if you are a First Year PhD student, or Masters by Research student who is considering a PhD, in the School of Social and Political Sciences.

Preparing for The End of First Year Review is a major milestone in the PhD. All PhD students need to pass the review before their registration is confirmed. At this workshop we will: learn what is involved in the review, what you need to put in your proposal, and how to prepare for the day. Staff from the Graduate School will be there to offer advice and answer questions.

This course aims to help demystify the First Year Review process, by providing you with a clear understanding of the purpose and structure of the review, and to get you thinking at an early stage about what you need to do and why. The course will be delivered through a mixture of short presentations and group work and will cover the following topics:

  • The purpose and structure of the review process* Feedback from supervisors on what makes a good thesis proposal and presentation together with common mistakes to avoid.* Practical and realistic tips on how to prepare for it.* Small group discussions and activities to encourage you to start preparing your thesis proposal and presentation.
  • Talk to PhD Students who have been through the review

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