Deliberations - photo by Lolisanam Ulugonova

The Global

Prof JP Singh reflects on our last deliberation day on The Global.

19 Aug 2017 | JP Singh | Comments: 0

King's Theatre - photo by Lolisanam Ulugonova

Culture Wars

Reflecting on a performance of Mark Thomas and a guided walk by Edinburgh Art Festival director Sorcha Carey, the Global Cultural Fellows discussed the idea of "Culture Wars"

18 Aug 2017 | Zach Marschall | Comments: 0

Anger & Anxiety

After seeing "The Divide" at the Edinburgh International Festival, today Fellows reflected on the theme of Anger & Anxiety.

17 Aug 2017 | Zach Marschall | Comments: 0

Fellows watching video - Photo by Mahtab Farid


Zach Marschall and Prof JP Singh summarise the discussion on Empathy, reflecting on the show "Flight".

16 Aug 2017 | Zach Marschall, JP Singh | Comments: 0

rainy weather magazine


Global Cultural Fellows reflected on "Mies Julie" and "Ramy: In the frontline" in today's session on Witness.

15 Aug 2017 | Zach Marschall | Comments: 0


The third day and second day of in-person deliberations focused on Voice and Silence, reflecting on two performances.

13 Aug 2017 | Zach Marschall | Comments: 0

Don Giovanni - Jenna Ashton

Highs and Lows

Zachary Marschall summarises the first day of in-person deliberations in Edinburgh on the theme 'Highs and Lows', reflecting on participants' experiences and their attendance at the opera 'Don Giovanni' the night before.

12 Aug 2017 | Zach Marschall | Comments: 0

window and view

Exploring Cultural Interests and Values

The Director of the Institute for International Cultural Relations, Professor JP Singh, introduces this blog and the posts you will be able to follow over the next week.

11 Aug 2017 | JP Singh | Comments: 1


What Exactly are Cultural Relations?

Defining cultural relations, and inviting both theorists and practitioners to collaboratively edit our wikipedia page.

13 Sep 2016 | Stuart MacDonald | Comments: 0

ifa image

New Partnership with Germany

CCR signs a Memorandum of Understanding with IfA, Germany’s Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations.

12 Sep 2016 | Stuart MacDonald | Comments: 0