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  1. Voice/Silence

    13 Aug 2017

    The third day and second day of in-person deliberations focused on Voice and Silence, reflecting on two performances. Voice and silence help make up an actor’s theatrical performance. Enunciation, intonations and inflections enrich characters for audiences. But today, the Global Cultural Fellows explored how voice [...]

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  2. Exploring Cultural Interests and Values

    11 Aug 2017

    The Director of the Institute for International Cultural Relations, Professor JP Singh, introduces this blog and the posts you will be able to follow over the next week. The political tumults of 2016 – especially the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom and the [...]

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  3. Culture Wars

    18 Aug 2017

    Reflecting on a performance of Mark Thomas and a guided walk by Edinburgh Art Festival director Sorcha Carey, the Global Cultural Fellows discussed the idea of "Culture Wars" The Culture Wars group started today’s session with a clip from the film The Gladiator, specifically the [...]

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