What Exactly are Cultural Relations?

Defining cultural relations, and inviting both theorists and practitioners to collaboratively edit our wikipedia page.

Since the Centre for Cultural Relations started its work in 2012-13, we have discussed on numerous occasions what the term cultural relations might mean.

We started by talking about cultural diplomacy. Early on, however, we abandoned the term, as it was too narrowly focussed on the activities of states and therefore unable to capture the vast range of transnational communications, exchanges and networks, or the vast range of both state and non-state actors involved.

Similar thought processes led us also to abandon the term public diplomacy with its overtones of [...]

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New Partnership with Germany

CCR signs a Memorandum of Understanding with IfA, Germany’s Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations.

This is supported by the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the state of Baden-Württemberg, and the City of Stuttgart to provide a link between practical issues arising in the field of cultural relations, academia and the media.

The aim of the collaboration is to promote co-operation and align expertise in the study of international cultural relations, continuing professional development and research.

The signing is an exciting opportunity for the CCR which came about following two conferences in January and March this year which the CCR organised [...]

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Digital Citizenship in Pakistan

The report Digital Citizenship in Pakistan provides a snapshot of the status of digital citizenship in Pakistan 2015-16.

Pakistan is a country with low levels of internet access, high levels of contestation in society in terms of attitudes to internet freedom, and high levels of inequality, all of which pose severe challenges to the practice of effective digital citizenship. “Effective” practice is defined by regular, skilled use of the internet to engage in society to access services, practice politics, get an education, conduct business and so on, i.e. to engage in civic life.

Our work on the report was made possible by the involvement and collaboration of academics [...]

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Humboldt Forum: a network for the world?

We hosted a conference with the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the National Museums Scotland, on the Humboldt Forum, Berlin.

The Humboldt Forum is Europe’s (if not the world’s) largest and most important museum project. It aims to have a global impact as well as transforming the cultural centre of Berlin. The Gründungsintendant (founding Artistic Director) is Neil MacGregor, former Director of the British Museum and alumnus of the University of Edinburgh, who is leading the project as one of a troika with Professor Hermann Parzinger and Professor Horst Bredekamp.

The conference was introduced by Professor Chris Breward, Principal of Edinburgh College of Art, and by Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell, [...]

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