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Cultural Conversations: Cultures of Global Health Lunchtime Series

Event Name Cultural Conversations: Cultures of Global Health Lunchtime Series
Start Date 26th Apr 2017 12:00pm
End Date 26th Apr 2017 1:30pm
Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes

Title: Negotiating shifting identities through unknown terrain: the refugee experience.

Identity positions are understood as fluid social processes, embodied and performed within shifting socio-political contexts. In the refugee experience, the future, present, and even the past become a site where identities are imposed, negotiated and re-created. While the refugee experience can create positive outcomes including a place of safety, new identities and a sense of belonging, it can also humiliate, dehumanise and stigmatise. This seminar will explore the ways that refugees negotiate shifting identity positions through differing global and cultural contexts.

Our lunchtime series encourage conversations on cultural issues on our campus.  We bring together specialists from specific disciplines in conversations with broader issues of culture that this sub-field raises.  This semester we present three conversations on the cultures of global public health.  These conversations will allow us to deliberate particular issues being discussed but also raise awareness of notions of culture and identity as operationalized or imagined in different disciplines.

The format of the workshop is as follows.  After a brief presentation (no more than 15 minutes) from a faculty member in the School of Health in Social Science, the respondent will take 5 minutes to broaden the implication of the findings or the topic for other disciplines and for discussions of culture.  A 30 minutes discussion will follow.