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Frequently Asked Questions [PGR]

If you have questions about starting your postgraduate research degree that are not answered below, please get in touch with the Graduate School Office Reception:

email -

tel - +44 131 651 5122

How do I register?

To register at the University, you must complete an online registration form available via the MyEd portal. Log on, click the ‘Accounts’ tab, click the ‘Student Personal Details’ channel, and complete and return the online registration form. More information here.

How do I pay my fees?

You need to pay your fees, either before you arrive in Edinburgh or once you arrive here. More information here.

How do I collect my student card?

If you are staying in University accommodation and have applied for a University card then you may receive it when you collect your keys.

If you are not staying in University accommodation you will be able to collect your student card from the card collection event at the Main Library, George Square. More information here.

How do I confirm my attendance?

Once you have your student card, please come to the Graduate School Office Reception (room 1.20, Chrystal Macmillan Building) to have your attendance confirmed. 

How do I meet my Programme Director/Postgraduate Advisor?

Attend your programme meeting! Find out here when and where your programme meeting takes place. 

How do I and when should I meet my Supervisor?

All PhD students will have been allocated at least a Principal Supervisor at the point of admission, who this is should appear on your offer letter. If you are not aware who your principal supervisor is you should speak to your Postgraduate Advisor at your programme welcome meeting. You should have an initial meeting with your supervisor during Welcome Week or Week 1 of semester.

How do I register for courses?

You should discuss your own particular research training requirements with your Supervisor and Postgraduate Advisor. Your Postgraduate Advisor will go over the available research training options at your programme meeting on the Wednesday of Welcome Week. Details on Research Training courses available are here.

You will select your courses via the Graduate School Office (who will register you on those courses), see here for details on how to choose your courses.

You may also use the PATH tool to view your course options and plan your selection: Please note, PATH will NOT register you for courses. Please check your record on MyEd to ensure that you have been registered on the correct courses.

How do I find out where and when my first classes take place?

To view your course schedule, log on to the MyEd portal, click the ‘Studies’ tab, click the ‘Timetabling’ channel, click ‘Web Timetables’, click ‘My Timetable’, select ‘Semester 1’ and hit 'search'.

Where do I get a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)?

If you are on a Tier 4 visa you will need to collect your BRP within 10 days of your arrival to the UK. It can be collected from the Student Administration department, based in Old College. More information here.

Do I need to register with the police?

Some international students may need to register with the police. This will normally be indicated on your BRP. More information here.

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