May 31 Seminar: Speaker: Philip Cook # PIR TBA 15:00 - 16:30 , 18 Buccleuch Place, 3rd floor, room 3.15, access with U of E card

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Jun 07 Seminar: Speaker: Jill Poeggel # PIR Contesting Detention and Deportation: Bourdieu, Migration, Memory 15:00 - 16:30 , CMB 2.15

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Jun 14 Seminar: Speaker: Matthew Festenstein # York What is the matter with political trust? 15:00 - 16:30 , CMB 2.15

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Helder De Schutter on Intralinguistic Justice

By Ankaret EL HAJ At a time when English is spreading faster than ever, equality between languages has become a particularly pressing issue. Should one language have priority over another? Should we let minority languages die out? These are important questions and are often discussed in the field of interlinguistic justice. Further to this, Dr […]

Tim Hayward – Constituting Finance as a Global Public Good

PTRG 10 May 2017 Summary of the paper The economic premises of the Western liberal democracies are unsustainable in the light of social justice and ecology.  This indicates the ‘necessity’ of conceiving of an alternative to the existing global economic institutions.  The global financial system, too, needs to be reorganised and reoriented.  But how?  Answering […]

Update from Political Theory Reading Group 16/17

This academic year, a collective of staff and students have continued the Political Theory Reading Group initiated by Mihaela Mihai. We have made good progress: Beginning with Antonio Negri’s early book Insurgencies, we then read Twenty Theses on Politics, one of the most important books by Latin American philosopher Enrique Dussel. This was followed by reading On the Postcolony […]

Thomas Fossen – Portraying Power

This is a write-up of the meeting of the Political Theory Research Group, 15th March 2017. The Political Theory Research Group was delighted to welcome Thomas Fossen, Leiden University. He provided a chapter for discussion from a book project which seeks to develop a pragmatist approach to political legitimacy. To contribute to this larger project, […]

Free Money for All: Karl Widerquist’s Argument for Basic Income

  In what ways do theories of property and the social contract affect an individual’s freedom? Are members of a reasonably just society morally obliged to contribute to its economic system even in ways they might not want to, and within structures they might not agree with? These are the questions that stand at the […]