Oct 07 Seminar: Speaker: Teea Kortetmaeki # University of Jyvaeskylae Beefing up Food Justice? Conflicts Between Food Sovereignty and Sustainability 15:00 (1 hour and 30 minutes) , Meeting Room 4, Chrystal Macmillan Building

Political Theory Research Group

Oct 08 Roundtable: Speaker: Mona Siddiqui # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Tim Hayward # University of Edinburgh Does the Pope speak for us all on ecology and justice? 18:00 (1 hour and 30 minutes) , Lecture Theatre 183, Old College

Ethics Forum

Philanthropy and Social Justice Conference

Many of us give time or money to good causes. Often we have a personal motivation for the giving, such as raising funds for our child’s school, or for a medical charity that supports a sick friend or relative. But many of us also give to those with whom we have no connection: the victims of a […]

Philanthropy and Development

By Paul Spray I come from a particular context. I have worked all my life in international development – for developing country governments, for international NGOs, for the British government Department for International Development, and (albeit only for 18 months) for a philanthropic foundation. I am currently a Board member of Christian Aid. What's going on: […]

 Retrieving the Heart of the Market?

By Emma Dowling In September 2014, the G8 Social Investment Taskforce (established by the UK presidency of the G8) produced a report entitled The Invisible Heart of Markets, outlining a strategy for G8 member states to develop a social investment market, invoking the metaphor of the market's 'invisible hand' invoked by the 18th century political economist […]

Five Bad Arguments Against Divestment

Last year, Glasgow University became the first university in Europe to commit to fossil fuel divestment. Since then SOAS and Bedford have followed suit. Who, one wondered, would be next? The obvious answer was Edinburgh. Edinburgh has long prided itself on its ethical credentials. It was the first university in Europe to sign up to […]

Should Scotland vote for what is best for Scotland?

On the face of things, the positions taken by the Yes and No camps in the referendum campaign would seem to be diametrically opposed. Yes argue that an independent Scotland would be better off: it would be richer, stronger, greener and fairer, resembling Norway or Sweden as much as the UK. No argue that an […]