Feb 24 Seminar: Speaker: Luis Duarte D'almeida # University of Edinburgh Arguing a Fortiori 15:00 (1 hour and 30 minutes) , Meeting Room 4

Political Theory Research Group

Mar 02 Seminar: Speaker: Ashwini Vasanthakumar # University of York Political Theory Research Group 15:00 (1 hour and 30 minutes) , Conference Room 2.15

Political Theory Research Group

PTRG seminar series: 27 Jan 2016

Tim Hayward – A Global Right of Water This week's PTRG saw Professor Tim Hayward present his paper 'A Global Right of Water'.  In the paper, Tim answered several important questions such as: whether a right regarding safe and clean water is a 'basic right' without which no other right can be enjoyed; who has […]

Up to Ten Fully Funded PhD Studentships at Political and International Relations in Edinburgh

Up to 10 fully funded PhD scholarships in Politics & International Relations, Edinburgh Applicants interested in work in political theory/political philosophy are strongly encouraged to apply. The Political Theory group at Edinburgh is a large and diverse comunity of academics, post-doctoral fellows, and PhD students. We hold weekly research seminars and regular conferences and workshops. […]

Monumental Legacies and Symbolic Humiliation

As the recent controversies surrounding Cecil Rhodes' statues in South Africa and the UK have shown, public constructions attest to political regimes' desire to imprint their version of history on the country's landscape and, more importantly, on the memory of citizens. Statues, memorials and monuments set in stone a certain view of the past, usually […]

PTRG seminar series: 13 Jan 2016

Yukinori Iwaki – Temporal Debt, Ecological Debt, and the 'Absolute' Harm to the Disadvantaged This week's Political Theory Research Group saw Yukinori Iwaki present his paper 'Temporal Debt, Ecological Debt, and the “Absolute” Harm to the Disadvantaged'. In the paper, Yuki introduces two novel concepts to explain how the world's advantaged population are complicit in […]

Philanthropy and Social Justice Conference

Many of us give time or money to good causes. Often we have a personal motivation for the giving, such as raising funds for our child’s school, or for a medical charity that supports a sick friend or relative. But many of us also give to those with whom we have no connection: the victims of a […]