Mar 21 Seminar: Speaker: Lukas Slothuus # University of Edinburgh Lukas Slothuus 15:00 - 16:30 , CMB 2.15

Mar 28 Seminar: Speaker: Clare Chambers # Cambridge University Clare Chambers 15:00 - 16:30 , CMB 2.15

Apr 04 Seminar: Speaker: Elizabeth Cripps # University of Edinburgh Elizabeth Cripps 15:00 - 16:30 , CMB 2.15

Prof Daniel Butt – Should carnivores let their children eat meat?

PTRG: 8 Feb 2018 We are delighted to have invited Prof Daniel Butt from Oxford University as the presenter for last week’s Political Theory Research Group seminar.  Dan presented the paper ‘Should carnivores let their children eat meat?’. The argument and the underlying assumptions There is a morally significant reason why a parent, vegetarian or […]

Chiming Zhong – The Task of Theories of Rights and Marx’s Theory

PTRG: 8 Nov 2017 This paper looks to establish a dialogue between Karl Marx’s historical understanding of rights and conceptual analyses of rights of the sort practised by, among others, HLA Hart. As a first step in doing this Chiming sets out the advantages of the conceptual approach. Here he gives particular attention to the merits […]

Elinor Mason – The Silencing of Sexual Refusal

Content note: academic discussion of consent, rape, and sexual harassment * PTRG 25/10/17 This week we welcomed Dr Elinor Mason from the University of Edinburgh’s Department of Philosophy. Elinor presented her paper entitled ‘Rape, Harassment, and the Silencing of Sexual Refusal’, which takes as its point of departure a well-known debate in the philosophy of […]

Louis Fletcher – From Civilization to Globalism: The Spatial Imaginary of Arnold Toynbee and Quincy Wright

PTRG 18/10/2017 Edinburgh doctoral candidate Louis Fletcher presented his paper on civilization and globalism at this week’s PTRG. A work in intellectual history, Louis’ paper charts the decline of civilization as an organizing concept in global political thought, and the birth of globalism in the interwar years in Europe. Drawing on the work of two […]

Mihaela Mihai – Complicity, Hope and the Imagination

For this week’s seminar, Mihaela Mihai presented a paper on complicity, hope, and imagination in the context of systemic political repression. Part of her greyzone project researching the potential of art to illustrate the contribution bystanders, collaborators, and beneficiaries make to political violence and widespread injustice, this paper explores the complex temporal dimension to navigating […]