What should the University do about conflict minerals?

What should the University do about conflict minerals?
Speaker: Jana Hoenke # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Bandi Mbubi # Congo Calling
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26th Feb 2015 17:30 - 26th Feb 2015 19:00
Godfrey Thomson Hall, Thomson's Land, Holyrood, Edinburgh

This evening Ethics Forum session explores the ethics of supply chains and procurement, use of minerals from conflict zones, and constructive approaches to improving livelihoods and reducing conflict in these areas.

The University is currently reviewing its policy on the use of minerals from conflict zones in its supply chains. Minerals such as tin, gold, and tungsten are extracted in conflict zones, and proceeds from their sale are used to finance ongoing fighting. However, in many cases the minerals are purchased in processed forms, and their origins are difficult to trace. What role should universities play in stopping the trade in conflict minerals? How far down the supply chain can universities be expected to go?

Short talks from a panel of speakers will be followed by a Q&A/discussion session. All are welcome to attend and take part in discussion.