Edinburgh World Justice Festival: "Changing Our Unequal World"

Edinburgh World Justice Festival: "Changing Our Unequal World"
Speaker: Walden Bello # Philippine Congress
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Date and Time
3rd Oct 2015 10:00 - 3rd Oct 2015 17:00
St Thomas of Aquin's High School, University of Edinburgh

The Just World Institute is delighted to announce that we will be partnering with the Edinburgh World Justice Festival to organise this year's conference on Saturday October 3rd.

The world is becoming more unequal. Changing the imbalance of power between popular, democratic movements and corporate interests is seen by many as crucial to progress on tackling climate change, human rights and poverty. Learn more about the key issues and what we can do about them, with the benefit of the insights of a key advocate from the global South, academic experts and lively campaigning organisations.

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More information and a programme for the day can be found on the Edinburgh World Justice Festival's conference website.