Fair Trade Academic Network

University of Edinburgh's Fair Trade Academic Network (FTAN) was established in 2012 to support the development and sharing of research on fair trade, trade justice and related themes. The network is coordinated by Professor Tim Hayward, Director of the Just World Institute, with the support of Liz Cooper.

Senegalese fishing boats


The University of Edinburgh has been a Fairtrade University since 2004, meeting the Fairtrade Foundation’s criteria in terms of procurement and awareness-raising.

University fair trade web pages

This network offers an opportunity for interdisciplinary academic research to provide critical perspectives on the concepts of fair trade and trade justice, in order to inform policy and practice within the university and beyond.


FTAN aims to build on perceptions and knowledge of fairness in trade by:

  • collating information on teaching, research, and research opportunities related to fair trade at the University
  • hosting a range of events exploring academic perspectives on fair trade
  • establishing a network of interested academic staff and postgraduate students and encouraging interdisciplinary research collaborations