Current Projects

Justice in Schooling and Education

Dr Philip Cook - ESRC Small Grant: Schools, Children, and Social Justice

Climate Change and Parental Duties

Dr Elizabeth Cripps

Global Justice and Human Rights from an Ecological Perspective

Prof Tim Hayward

Human Rights and Immigration

Dr Kieran Oberman, Chancellor's Fellow

Judging Political Violence: Histories, Norms and Contestations

Dr Mathias Thaler, Chancellor's Fellow - Marie Curie Career Integration Grant

Interrogating Need: Exploring the Role of Need in Distributive Justice Theory

Christina Dineen, PhD Candidate

Reflective Equilibrium and Critical Dialectics

Andrew Drever, PhD Candidate

Human Time, Ecological Space, and Global Justice

Yukinori Iwaki, PhD Candidate

Global Justice, Climate Justice, and Population

Dr Elizabeth Cripps

Illuminating the 'Grey Zone': Addressing Complex Complicity in Human Rights Violations

Dr Mihaela Mihai - ERC Starting Grant

Current Projects