Tim Hayward, "Equality and Ecological Space"

As a matter of global justice, every individual has a justified claim of sufficient access to ecological space for at least a minimally decent life.  Under the global circumstances that currently prevail, the individual claim of sufficiency implies an overarching institutional goal of equality.  This answers to the dual problem of global ecological overshoot and extensive radical inequality whereby the excessive command and occupation of ecological space by some is at the expense of adequate access for use by others.  The goal is not to achieve a fine-grained principle of egalitarian distribution, for there exists no institutional scheme to effect such a principle, and ecological space cannot be construed as fungible stuff to distribute in that way.  But the goal precludes the justification of any principle not addressed to eliminating radical inequality as long as it persists.  It is precluded, also, because we cannot yet know what the institutions of a world without radical inequality and ecological overshoot will be like, and we therefore cannot know what will make them just. 

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