RESCHEDULED: Workshop: Basic Text Analysis using R

Event Name RESCHEDULED: Workshop: Basic Text Analysis using R
Start Date 25th Apr 2018 1:00pm
End Date 25th Apr 2018 3:00pm
Duration 2 hours

In this workshop Justin Ho will introduce you to the R programming language, and show how it can be used by social scientists and humanities researchers for basic text analysis (sometimes also called quantitative text analysis, automated content analysis, or text mining). It will cover the basic assumptions behind quantitative text analysis, the pre-processing steps needed prior to the analysis, and various analytical techniques. If time allows, it will also cover the concept of ‘keyness’.

You need no prior knowledge of R (while it would be beneficial if participants had some experience with R, those without any prior experience will still be able to participate effectively). You will be required to bring your own laptop and it is advised that you download and install R ( and RStudio ( beforehand. Both downloads are free. Please ensure you have installed both of these correctly prior to arriving at the workshop, so as not to cause any delays for the other participants.

The workshop will be hosted by Justin Ho, a PhD student in Sociology. He works on Nationalism and National Identity in Hong Kong, analysing social media entries and other documents. Justin has experimented with text analysis in R and other programmes and is keen to share his learnings. 

The workshop will take place on 14 March, from 13.00-15.00, in the Conference Room 2.15 of the Chrystal Macmillan Building.

Please sign up for the workshop here, so we know approximately how many people are interested.

UPDATE: This event is currently fully booked. If you are interested, you can add your name to a waitlist and we will notify you should a spot become available. Please do so here.

Three students looking at laptops