Placements that count: case studies from Q-Step summer work placements

Placements that count: case studies from Q-Step summer work placements
Speaker: Lindsey Flagler # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Lihe Wang # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Sarah Aron # University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Cathy Mitchell # Scottish Funding Council; Speaker: Dr Dinah Aitken # The Salvesen Mindroom Centre; Introduced by: Alan Marshall # University of Edinburgh
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23rd Sep 2019 13:00 - 23rd Sep 2019 14:15
Violet Laidlaw Room (6.02), 6th floor, Chrystal Macmillan Building

We are kicking off this year's Q-Step Research Seminar Series with impressions from our 4th year students and their employers fresh out their Q-Step summer placements. 

In the summer between their third and fourth year Q-Step students take part in an eight-week work placement with one of a range of host institutions including the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland, third and private sector employers. Work placements are designed to allow students to use their data skills and apply them in a real world setting. 

Fresh out of their placements, 4th year students Lihe Wang, Sarah Aron and Lindsey Flagler will tell us about their experiences: the projects they worked on, which methods they used, what they found out, and what their most surprising experiences were. Sarah, Lindsey and Lihe will be joined by their employers: Cathy Mitchell, Assistant Director, Scottish Funding Council, and Dr Dinah Aitken, The Salvesen Mindroom. Together with Sarah, Lindsey and Lihe, Cathy Mitchell and Dr Dinah Aitken will reflect on the placement experience from the point of view of the employers, on the role data and research skills play in their work, and on what skills they value in future employees.

This seminar will take place on 23rd September from 1pm in the Violet Laidlaw Room (6.02) on the sixth floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building. It will be preceded by lunch and our Q-Step Meet & Greet to kick off the new academic year from 12pm in the same room. 

Students and staff - all welcome!

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