Social Networks: A Multilevel Perspective

Social Networks: A Multilevel Perspective
Speaker: Mark Tranmer # University of Glasgow
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25th Feb 2019 13:00 - 25th Feb 2019 14:15
Practice Suite 1.12, Chrystal Macmillan Building

Multilevel models are often used when complex population structure is of direct substantive interest, rather than something to be accounted for in the analysis of individual level variables and relationships. Here, interest often focuses on the extent and nature of variation in an individual outcome, given the complex population structure in which individuals are embedded. Our speaker for this seminar, Mark Tranmer from the University of Glasgow's Q-Step centre, was drawn from multilevel modelling to Social Network Analysis (SNA). “Multilevel Networks” are social networks with connections between lower level nodes, such as people, and connections between higher level nodes, such as organisations, to which the lower level nodes are affiliated.

In this seminar, Mark will explain how - even though multilevel networks and the multilevel analysis of networks are two different things - there are situations in which multilevel models and concepts are useful in the context of social networks.

This seminar will take place on 25th February from 1pm in the Practice Suite (1.12) on the first floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building.

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