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School of Social and Political Science: Research

Research Strategy

Our aim is to produce research at the highest international standard and to provide a research-rich environment across the School. We seek to achieve the highest level of excellence in research.

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Research Clusters

Our interdisciplinary structure fosters vibrant research clusters which cut across traditional social scientific boundaries. Many of these are grouped around key challenges in society and governance.

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The School of Social and Political Science is keen to attract early career scholars via our Postdoctoral Fellowships as well as Visiting Fellows from other institutions.

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Inside CMB

The School of Social & Political Science encourages applications for visiting academics to join the School on a temporary basis

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The School of Social & Political Science attaches great importance to research ethics and has developed rigorous procedures for ensuring proper ethical review and accountability.

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A Global Anthropology of Transforming Marriage

This research will create a new theoretical vision of the importance of marriage as an agent of transformation in human sociality. Marriage globally is undergoing profound change, provoking intense debate and anxiety. These concerns refract wider instabilities in political, economic, and familial institutions. They signal the critical role of marriage in bringing together - and separating - intimate, personal, and...

Arts For Advocacy: Creative Engagements And Experiences Of Forced Displacement In Morocco

This project will develop innovative, interdisciplinary, and participatory arts-based methods to facilitate creative engagement with forced displacement in Morocco. Morocco has become a country of transit and immigration, notably for sub-Saharan migrants fleeing persecution and poverty and for those fleeing conflict and persecution in Syria. Morocco is a strategic partner for the EU in the 'management' of trans-Mediterranean migration. Nevertheless,...

Global Power Shifts and The Changing Dynamics Of Export Finance

State-backed export credit (the use of loans and other forms of financing by states to boost exports) has recently burst onto the public stage, becoming a highly contentious area of both national policymaking and international negotiations. States have used export credit as a tool to encourage exports and stimulate their economies since the Great Depression of the 1930s (and in...

Smart Urban Intermediaries – Trans-European Research, Learning, and Action

Urban neighbourhoods are sustained and mobilised by networks of key individuals who forge connections between communities and the institutions of urban governance, and work between these different institutions and different communities. This project aims to surface the often hidden contribution of these urban intermediaries as catalysts for smart urban development and crucial complements to technological and structural fixes, through introducing...

Engineering Life: Ideas, Practices, and Promises

“Engineering Life” is one of two major European Research Council grants currently held by staff in Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies (STIS). This €1.5 million Consolidator Grant leverages the extensive long-term research and engagement of Jane Calvert (PI, STIS), Pablo Schyfter (STIS), and Emma Frow (now Arizona State University) with synthetic biology. The multi-disciplinary team also includes Research Fellows Dominic...