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IASH-SSPS Visiting Fellowships

The IASH-SSPS Visiting Fellowships are intended to encourage outstanding interdisciplinary research, international scholarly collaboration, and networking activities of Visiting Research Fellows together with SSPS academics. Fellows will be expected to work in collaboration with one or more members of SSPS academic staff, and to take an active part in IASH interdisciplinary events.

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities is housed in an 18th century courtyard close to the University Library and about 20 scholars are in residence at any time. Fellows are allocated a private office in the Institute with all the usual research facilities. During the course of their stay in Edinburgh, IASH-SSPS Visiting Research Fellows will be expected to make two seminar presentations on their research - one at IASH and one in SSPS - and to take part in IASH work-in-progress sessions and relevant seminars in SSPS. Applications are submitted by end of February each year for fellowships starting from June until the end of May in the following year –visits are usually between 2-4 months duration, or more if justified accordingly.

Expected outcomes from Visiting Fellowships will be joint publications, and/or joint applications for research funding, and/or a collaborative research seminar series or workshop event involving their SPS academic partner. Funds are available in support of Fellowships travel and accommodation costs.

Application Procedure

The next closing date for the receipt of applications will be Thursday 28th February 2019. Applications received after that date will not be considered. Successful candidates will be notified by email with a formal letter of confirmation to follow; please ensure that you supply a valid email address so that you can be contacted quickly after decisions are made.

The application form can be completed online.


  1. A minimum of two and a maximum of three confidential references are required. 
  2. At least one referee should come from outside the institution of the applicant.
  3. Referees should comment on the nature and quality of the research proposal, as well as on the qualifications of the applicant.

Applicants should ask their referees to send their references by email to the Institute Director at by 28 February 2019.

Notes for guidance