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Centres and Academies

Centre for African Studies

The Centre of African Studies acts as a interdisciplinary hub for the study of Africa in the School of Social and Political Science and across the three Colleges of the University. The Centres acts as an institutional home and a support for researchers from across the social sciences, as well for colleagues in veterinary medicine, medicine, engineering, religious studies, environmental science, education and health policy.

Our researchers are highly regarded internationally and are committed to producing research of the highest quality that seeks to further our understanding of Africa and its dynamics, both theoretically and practically.

Centre for South Asian Studies

Founded in 1988, CSAS is the central academic unit in Scotland dedicated to the study of South Asia. With 22 full-time associated staff in Edinburgh, four honorary fellows, and 13 more staff affiliated across Scotland and northern Britain, the Centre is also one of the four leading centres for South Asian Studies in the UK.

We bring together South Asian expertise across the University to create a lively environment supporting the interdisciplinary study of the subcontinent as a whole. Outwith the University, the Centre seeks to relate South Asian Studies to the wider community, through links with the Scottish Parliament, NGO's and major educational and cultural organisations in South Asia and Scotland.

Centre of Canadian Studies

The Centre of Canadian Studies at Edinburgh is a lively hub for interdisciplinary research. Located in Scotland’s leading School of Social and Political Science, the Centre’s graduate programmes provide opportunities to develop research projects that focus directly on Canada, or situate Canada in relation to broader research on the Arctic, Scotland, the UK, Europe, North America, and developing regions.

Global Development Academy

The University's Global Development Academy was created to harness the University’s international teaching, research and partnerships to ensure we play a central role in transforming the world. SPS provides many of the members including the direcorate.

Global Justice Academy

The Global Justice Academy is an interdisciplinary network that supports research, teaching and knowledge exchange on global justice issues. It seeks to build on, consolidate and expand the work of existing centres and collaborations at the University of Edinburgh.

In particular, the Global Justice Academy aims to provide:

  • An interdisciplinary hub for the exploration of what global justice is;
  • An intellectual meeting place for the discussion of novel ideas regarding a more just world;
  • An institutional forum for dialogue with practitioners engaged in justice issues locally and globally.

There are number of SPS staff involved including Deputy Director Dr Toby Kelly.

Academy of Government

The Academy builds on the best of Edinburgh as the location of one of the world's leading universities, and the best of Edinburgh as the seat of Scotland's government.

The University of Edinburgh hosts some of the worlds leading researchers and analysts working on government at Scottish, UK, European and global levels, and on the key policy challenges our societies need to confront: on health, education and welfare, on the environment, energy and climate change, on international security and international development.

The University has a long tradition - extending back to the Enlightenment - of applying its scholarship to the public policy challenges of the day. It does so through its international expertise - on Africa, the Middle East, China, South Asia. And it does so through its engagement with policy makers in the UK and in particular in Scotland.

Scotland has one of the most powerful sub-state governments worldwide, and one of the most open. The University has an immensely rich set of relationships with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament. Its academics played a central role in designing those institutions, and their work since has been one of the main sources of advice and expertise Government and Parliament draw on in serving the needs of Scotland's people.

The Academy of Government has been established as a crossover point of expertise on policy challenges at Scottish, British, European and international scales and of work that crosses the boundaries of scholarship and policy practice. It is a powerful setting for building and developing careers in public service.

Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

The Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) is a consortium research centre based at The University of Edinburgh, with partners at the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian, Highlands & Islands and Stirling. CRFR aims to:

  • Produce high quality, collaborative and inclusive research relevant to key issues in families and relationships
  • Act as a focal point, and promote and facilitate a network, for all those with an interest in research on families and relationships
  • Make research more accessible for use by policy makers, practitioners, research participants, academics and the wider public
  • Enhance the infrastructure to conduct research on families and relationships

CRFR addresses all ages of the lifecourse, from pre-birth and early childhood, to young adulthood and working families, to older people. It facilitates and undertakes research, training and knowledge exchange, working across academic disciplines and using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. There are a range of ways to engage with CRFR, from becoming an associate researcher or associate PhD student, to developing a research project collaboratively or commissioning consultancy  with our consortium.