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Inequality, insecurity and obesity

Inequality, insecurity and obesity: FRIED/Social Geography seminar
Speaker: Prof Stanley Ulijaszek # Institute of Social and Cultural Geography University of Oxford; Introduced by: Dr Marisa Wilson # School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh
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9th Mar 2017 15:00 - 9th Mar 2017 16:30
1 George Sq (G.8 Gaddum LT)

Obesity rates across nations vary according to economic inequality and insecurity measures. In high income countries, obesity is a characteristic of people of lower socioeconomic status (SES), having been once associated with higher SES prior to widespread economic prosperity. In low and middle income countries, obesity is more common in groups of higher SES, although this is changing, as modernization and urbanization are changing diets and levels of physical activity across the world. Among children, the relationships between SES and obesity only partially map onto those of adults, and differ across the course of childhood. This presentation describes relationships between inequality and insecurity in the production of obesity in adults, and  examines how and why obesity among children differs from that among adults.

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