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Healthy and environmentally sustainable diets; how easy are they to define and to achieve?

Healthy and environmentally sustainable diets; how easy are they to define and to achieve?
Speaker: Prof Nicole Darmon # INRA; Speaker: Prof Jennie Macdiarmid # University of Aberdeen; Hosted by: Prof Geoff Simm # University of Edinburgh
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5th Jun 2019 13:00 - 5th Jun 2019 16:00
The Roslin Institute Auditorium, Easterbush Campus, Midlothian

Nicole Darmon is senior researcher at INRA Montpelier, France in the MOISA Mixt group which is dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of food systems. Her work focuses on designing diets for health, environmental and economic benefits using quantitative methods such as linear programming. She has also developed nutrient profiling for classification of healthy vs. unhealthy foods and is also involved in intervention studies to improve nutrition and reduce social-economic inequalities in diet in France and other Mediterranean countries.

Jennie Macdiarmid is a professor of sustainable nutrition and health at the University of Aberdeen. She studies of the global impact on the environment for nutrition security through to individual dietary habits around sustainable diets. Her research includes modelling sustainable diets for different populations, understanding social elements of dietary habits and modelling the impact of climate change and land use change on global and national nutrition security, including the role of trade. She currently has collaborative project in the UK, Sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil and China.


12:00-1:00 Sandwich lunch (optional)

NOTE please email: by 30 May if you wish to attend the lunch. Please also advise of any special dietary requirements .

1:00-2:30 Guest speakers' presentations (40 mins each) with brief questions

2:30-2:40 Responses from panel members (Prof Geoff Simm and Dr Isabel Fletcher; UoE)

2:45-3:45 Audience discussion with panel

3:45 Tea and networking

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