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School of Social and Political Science: Research


Need an RA? (Intranet)

The Students in this list have expressed their interest to work as research assistants. if you would like to be on this list, please contact 

Andreas Ochs: Andreas Ochs has extensive experience using STATA, SPSS, Microsoft Access, SQL and Microsoft’s VBA script language. He is also familiar with Data Management (merging files, aggregation, recoding, computing, etc.), Descriptive data analysis (crosstab, correlations, charts and tables) and Regression techniques. He has previously worked with both microlevel patient claims data as well as macrolevel indicators for cross-country comparisons; he is able to collect data from a number of official sources including the IMF, OECD, WHO and World Bank. He is keen to extend his knowledge of panel regression methodologies. Andreas can work up to 10 hours a week, for an unlimited time period. Email: A.Ochs (at)

Tom Wallace: Has extensive experience working with Stata and some with SPSS. Can perform Data management (merging files, aggregation, recoding, computing, etc.) Quantitative data collection (surveys, aggregated data from sources such as BHPS, BSA, the Census, Eurostat, World Values Survey), Descriptive data analysis (crosstab, correlations, charts, graphs and tables), micro and macro level analysis, Regressions (including post-prediction testing, marginal effects, quasi-variance), Multi-level modelling (through Stata and the GLLAMM extension), longitudinal analysis, correspondence analysis and using software syntax. Can work as many hours as needed, for an unlimited time period. Email: tomwallace1990 (at)


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