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School of Social and Political Science: Research


Politics and International Relations

Academy of Government

The Academy of Government has been established as a crossover point of expertise on policy challenges at Scottish, British, European and international scales and of work that crosses the boundaries of scholarship and policy practice. It is a powerful setting for building and developing careers in public and international affairs.

Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP)

CRISP (Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy)

Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

The Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties (EPOP) research group draws its faculty and postgraduate members from across the College of Arts and Humanities. Members conduct empirical research on political behaviour, including gender quotas, electoral law, campaign finance reform, electoral systems and the public opinion industry.

Europa Institute

Founded in 1968 the Europa Institute is a multi-disciplinary teaching and research centre within the University of Edinburgh devoted to the independent study of the laws, policies and governance and institutions of the European Union. The Europa Institute has been designated a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

Gender and Politics

The Gender and Politics Research Group, convened by Professor Fiona Mackay, brings together researchers across Politics and International Relations, all of whom use gender and feminist analyses in their research. The members of the GPRG explore issues in relation to the broad themes of gender relations, power, identities, institutions, and change.

International Political Economy

The International Relations Political Economy Research Group meets several times per semester with papers circulated in advance and the expectation that all attendees have read the paper. The group's aim is to provide peer support to staff and PhD students to maximise the quality of research publications.

International Relations

The International Relations Research Group is based within PIR although we are broad and interdisciplinary. Members are welcome from across the School of Social & Political Science, and from beyond. Our Group meets weekly during the semester. Members present research papers a week in advance and then have the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback in an intensive (but friendly) hour-long meeting.

Just World Institute

The Institute was founded in 2008 to foster interdisciplinary research into the global challenges facing the international order, with particular attention to issues of ethics and justice. Our research addresses three overlapping thematic areas of global justice: questions of justice in contexts of conflict and peace; issues of poverty and wealth in the sphere of global economic cooperation and competition; questions of justice in mitigating and adapting to change in the global environment, including climate change. We are especially concerned to understand the interconnections between these three areas.

Political Theory

The Political Theory Research Group supports individual and collaborative research projects in key areas of contemporary political theory. Our academic staff and postgraduates engage with others across the university who share interests in legal, moral and social philosophy. We welcome inquiries from prospective postgraduate students, postdoctoral and visiting fellows, and anyone interested in learning more about our research.

Territorial Politics

Territorial Politics explores the distribution of power and power relations between territorial communities and governments within the state. Much of PIR's research in this field examines the dynamics of devolution in the UK within a broader comparative context. Our team includes some of the leading members of territorial politics research in Europe, and we lead numerous research networks in the field.
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