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School of Social and Political Science: Research


ESRC New Investigator Grants

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The ESRC have launched the New Investigator Grant scheme to support early career researchers in their transition to an independent researcher.  

The call is open to high-quality candidates who have a maximum of four years’ postdoctoral experience.  The scheme is designed to allow newer researchers to gain experience of research leadership and management and to formulate their plans for their research careers. Applicants who technically meet the eligibility criteria but hold a professorship will not be eligible to apply as there is an expectation that they have already obtained these research and management skills.

Grants will usually be between three and five years duration (a five year grant would need a clear justification of the timeframe), and within an overall limit of £300,000 at 100%fEC.

The ESRC plans to fund up to around 30-35 grants a year.

Application process:

The ESRC expects to see only a limited number of proposals from a single research organisation, and these must be of the very best quality. Therefore all applications will be put through an internal review process at both School and College level and only a limited amount of applications will be allowed to be submitted to the ESRC.

SSPS will have 2 DEADLINES annually:

-          28th February

-          31st August

Please sent your completed Je-S form, Case for Support and CV to

The next school panel meeting - 15th September 2017

The comments will be provided within a couple of weeks of the above deadlines. Successful candidates will then be allocated peer reviewers, and participate in a special workshop to help finalise their proposal. Finalised proposals will then be passed on to the College panel for approval, at one of their 3-yearly boards.

If you plan to apply for this scheme and would like to get extra comments or discuss your project in more details, please feel free to submit 1 page summary of your application alongside your CV at any time to