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School of Social and Political Science: Research


Newton International Fellowships

The Newton International Fellowships scheme is run by The British Academy and the Royal Society. The Fellowships cover the broad range of physical, natural and social sciences and the humanities.

The long-term aim of the scheme is to build a global pool of research leaders and encourage long-term international collaboration with the UK.

If you are interested in applying for a Newton International Fellowship please contact the Research Office as soon as possible.

SSPS requires a mentor (SSPS core staff) for all early-career fellowships. In order to apply, you must first identify, contact and have an agreed mentor for your proposed project application. The project must have Head of Subject Area approval, your mentor can help to obtain this before submitting your application to the School. 

Please note the following which apply to this round and are important changes to the guidance for applicants:

  • All applicants must be working and be based outside of the UK for at least one year at the deadline of the application.
  • Applicants should have no more than 7 years’ active full-time postdoctoral experience at the time of application, including teaching experience, time spent in industry, honorary positions and/or visiting researcher positions. Career breaks must be clearly detailed and explained in the application.

You can find further information through the British Academy, including scheme notes and guidance here.

In addition to the scheme eligibility criteriathe School requires applicants to have at least two peer-reviewed academic publications which are deemed of high quality, for which they had leading role. If you would like further guidance on whether your CV and publication track record is suitable for this scheme, please speak to your mentor in the first instance and/or your subject area Research Convener.

SSPS Deadlines for this scheme:

1. Please email with your intention to apply as soon as possible.

2. SSPS requires a mentor (SSPS core staff) for all early-career fellowships. In order to progress your proposal, you must first identify, contact and have an agreed mentor for your proposed project application. The project must also have Head of Subject Area approval and your mentor will need to help to obtain this (email confirmation is fine) before you submit your CV and 500-word summary to the School panel. 

3. 12 pm GMT, Monday 27 January 2020 – School deadline for CV and a project summary of 500 words which will then be considered by a school-based panel. Please note: the applications must make clear that applicants meet the scheme and School eligibility criteria (see above). If you are unsure about your CV, please speak to your mentor in the first instance and/or your subject area Research Convener or REF Unit of Assessment Lead (if known).

4. By Monday 3 February 2020 – Decisions made by the School panel will be communicated within one week, applicants given feedback including who is to progress to full application stage and ways in which any applications that are progressing might be strengthened. 

5. Between 3 February and 2 March 2020: You should use this period to continue to work with your mentor and the Research Office in developing your full proposal. This includes developing your project budget, for which you will need to liaise with the Research Office to obtain/check costs, and applying for Research Ethics approval using the School’s ethics form, provided by the Research Office (NB please make clear that your application is at a pre-award stage, This means that you do not need to provide consent forms or participant information sheets so you can ignore request to upload these kinds of documents, which will only be required if you are successful).

6. By 12 pm GMT, Monday 2 March 2020 – Deadline for full draft applications to the SSPS Research Office for Research Office review. Feedback will be given in approximately one week. The full application will need to include a finalised budget (with costs provided by and an update on the research ethics (ideally, this should be approved by this point; at a minimum, the research ethics form should have been submitted).

7. Between 3 February and 12 March 2020 – Obtain final referee letters of support, ready to upload.

8. Thursday, 12 March 2020 – Full application completed on Flexi-grant system by applicant, including all required referee letters of support. The internal University final review and approvals process will begin after this date.

9. Friday, 27 March 2020 – Deadline for application submission to the funder by the University. 

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