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School of Social and Political Science: Research


What Our PostDocs Say

Comments from recent and current PostDoctoral Fellows in the School

"SSPS is a first rate research centre and an excellent environment for a postdoctoral project. I have friendly and supportive colleagues, plenty of opportunities to present and receive feedback on my work, fantastic administrative support including tailored advice on applying for funding, and the added advantage of living in an incredibly beautiful city."

Liz Cripps, BA Postdoctoral Fellow (2009-12)

"It's been a pleasure working in one of Europe's foremost centres for excellence in the study of territorial politics and multi-level governance. The research is cutting-edge and the School provides a welcoming and dynamic environment. I'd recommend anyone who wants superb research support, great colleagues and a beautiful city to live in to come to SSPS in Edinburgh."

Eve Hepburn, ESRC PostDoctoral Fellow 2007, and Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, 2008-10

"The collegial and welcoming atmosphere at SSPS has been wonderful -- colleagues from a variety of subjects have advised and supported me in developing new projects, skills, and plans for the future.  The many lively seminars and reading groups provide opportunities to share ideas, socialize, and consider fresh intellectual perspectives.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even though it's actually a job!"

Jennifer Curtis, ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow 2007-08

"I have enjoyed my time as postdoc in SSPS. It's a wonderful opportunity to build on the work done for your PhD, to get a few papers under your belt, to increase your networking and generic academic skills. Obviously, good research and admin support really helps in achieving these kinds of things and there's plenty of it in SSPS, and it's increasing… At times it can be tricky to get properly connected to your department, as postdocs are in a bit of a liminal in-between position. Being proactive is essential, and the new Postdoctoral and Research Fellows Committee will be of great help in making postdocs more visible. There's now a real postdoc community in SSPS, with peers being able to give advice, which is great. I'll miss it!"

Bregje de Kok, ESRC / MRC PostDoctoral Fellow, 2006-08

SSPS Postdoctoral and Research Fellows Society (PReFS)

Formed in 2008, the Society includes all Postdoctoral and Research Fellows in SSPS.  Postdoctoral and Research fellows in other social science areas outwith SSPS are also welcome to attend.  It meets formally on average once a semester, and has formal representation on the School's Research and Research Ethics Committee.  Its members also meet informally on a regular basis.

The objectives of the Society are to:

  1. Provide representation for postdoctoral and research fellows and encourage involvement in political and management processes internal to the School, College and the University;
  2. Work to improve the quality of the postdoctoral experience in the School;
  3. Represent and promote the interests of postdoctoral and research fellows at the subject, School, College and University levels;
  4. Work to improve the career opportunities, support and advice available to postdoctoral and research fellows in SSPS;
  5. Disseminate information of interest to Society members.