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SKAPE: Research



Workshop on Monitoring and Governance, Edinburgh, October 2014

In October 2014 we hosted a workshop to launch SKAPE-Net, a University of Edinburgh funded international network bringing together leading scholars on knowledge and policy. One of the two themes to be explored in this network is Monitoring and Governance. The theme builds directly on our ESRC grant The Politics of Monitoring. Our aim is to foster cross-national and cross-sectoral comparison of monitoring practices and their effects, which will enable us to further develop the theories and insights from the ESRC project.

Workshop on Monitoring and the Politics of Ignorance, Geneva, May 2015

We hosted a second workshop in Geneva in May 2015. The event was organised together with Gregoire Mallard at the Graduate Institute Geneva. Scholars from Europe, North America and Australia  tabled papers on the theme of "monitoring and the politics of ignorance". You can see a programme of the workshop here.

You can read more about SKAPE-Net here.

Policy Round-Table on Targets in Immigration, London, September 2015

Our round-table on the net migration target was co-hosted with IPPR London on 17th September. The event brought together MPs, Home Office officials, and representatives from the TUC, business, NGOs and think tanks to explore the policy and political effects of this controversial targets. The discussion explored a range of alternatives to the current target, and considered wider questions about how to address public concerns about migration and how to help ensure debate is informed.

For more on some of the topics discussed, see Christina's op ed in the Herald, as well as her blog on how the net migration target has shifted debate on immigration.

Policy Round-Table on Carbon Emissions Targets, London, November 2015

The second of our round-tables, also co-hosted with IPPR, was held in the run-up to climate change talks in Paris. The event brought together a group of MPs, officials and climate change experts to explore the effects of targets on CO2 emissions on UK, EU and international policies to reduce carbon emissions.

Policy Round-Table on Defence Acquision, London, May 2016

The last in our series of round-tables was co-hosted with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in Whitehall. The event featured a distinguished group of MPs, government officials, special advisors and defence acquisition experts. The discussion focused on the challenges of monitoring performance in the area of procurement, and considered how far defence projects raised uniquely complex challenges for monitoring and accountability.

Conferences and talks

We regularly present research in progress at a variety of conferences, workshops and seminars. You can read more about these here.