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SKAPE: Research



Research Team

Christina Boswell (Principal Investigator)

Hilary Cornish (Research Fellow)

Colin Fleming (Research Fellow)

Ewen McIntosh (Resaerch Assistant)

Eugenia Rodrigues (Co-Investigator)

Eirini Souri (Project Administrator)

Graham Spinardi (Co-Investigator)

Steve Yearley (Co-Investigator)

SKAPE team






Advisory Board

Frank R. Baumgartner (University of North Carolina)

Matt Cavanagh (Prudential, former Special Advisor)

Miles Parker OBE (Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy, former Chief Scientific Advisor to Defra)

Claudio Radaelli (University of Exeter)

Jill Rutter (Institute for Government)

Colin Talbot (University of Manchester)