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Journal Articles

2016. Policies, politics and organisational problems: multiple streams and the implementation of targets in UK government, Policy and Politics (early online). Christina Boswell and Eugenia Rodrigues.

2015. The Double Life of Targets in Public Policy: Disciplining and Signaling in UK Asylum Policy, Public Administration (93:2), pp. 490-505. Christina Boswell

Book Chapters

2015. The effects of targets and indicators on policy formulation: narrowing down, crowding out and locking in, The Tools of Policy Formulation: Actors, Capacities, Venues and Effects,  ed. Andrew J. Jordan and John R. Turnpenny (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 225-244. Christina Boswell, Steve Yearley, Colin Fleming, Eugenia Rodrigues and Graham Spinardi.

Newspaper articles

Time for a frank debate on opportunities and constraints in immigration policy, The Herald, December 2015


August 2016: Targets for climate change: A special case?

May 2016: Implementing Targets in UK Government: A Multiple Streams Approach

Nov 2015: The net migration target may have failed, but it has shifted the way we debate immigration

Oct 2015: How the refugee crisis disrupted the European project of outsourcing – and technocratising – refugee protection

September 2015: Our sterile quantitative debate on immigration needs to be humanised through stories and images (PSA Insight)

May 2015: When ignorance is bliss: The political risks of putting illegal immigrants on the agenda (22 )

March 2015: The net migration target shows how difficult it is for liberal governments to restrict immigration

February 2015: Targets, Quantification and Moral Deliberation

November 2014: Why the data doesn’t work: anti-immigrant sentiment and the economic impacts of migration

August 2014: On the latest Home Office fiasco: Immigration, political pressure and organizational pathologies

April 2014: Targets in Public Policy: Disciplining or Signaling?

November 2013: Immigration Targets: Nonsensical but here to stay

Selected presentations and working papers

Monitoring, Numbers and Empirical Governance: Lessons from Climate and Migration Monitoring in the UK, Working Paper (2016), Steve Yearley and Eugénia Rodrigues

Performance Measurement and the Production of Political Trust, Public Lecture, University of Bielefeld (June 2016), Christina Boswell

Quantification and Framing in UK Immigration Policy, Public Lecture, University of Neuchatel (March 2016); and Keynote Lecture, University of Stirling Graduate Conference (June 2016), Christina Boswell

How Political Organizations Respond to Targets: Decoupling and Recoupling in UK Asylum and Defence Policy, paper presented at the annual ECPR conference, Montreal (August 2015), Christina Boswell and Colin Fleming.

Governing by Numbers: The Role of Quantification and Tarets in UK Debates on Immigraiton and Asylum (Talk at SOAS, 18 February 2015; and at Sheffield University, March 2015) Christina Boswell Link to PP Presentation

Disciplining or Signaling? The Uses of Targets in UK Immigration and Asylum Policy (presented at: the Political Studies Association Conference, April 2014; EIASM, Sep 2014; ECPR, Sep 2014)  Christina Boswell Link to PP Presentation

The Numbers Game: Targets and Indicators in UK Immigration Policy (Talk at Oxford International Migration Institute, 5 February 2014) Christina Boswell   Podcast available here