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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


Deborah Bryceson

Deborah Bryceson
Professor Deborah Bryceson
Honorary Fellow
Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square
+44 (0) 1865 292801
Research Interests
Settlement, urban economies, urban growth, social dynamics, occupational change, artisanal mining, changing nature of the family, transnational families, age and gender differentiation, women's employment patterns, food marketing, agricultural policy, famine and food insecurity, creole societies, work cultures, livelihoods, mobility, migration, labour, agrarian change, de-agrarianization

Biographical Background

Deborah Fahy Bryceson is a graduate of the University of Dar es Salaam (B.A. and M.A. degrees in geography and the University of Oxford (D.Phil degree in sociology). She has held academic positions at the University of Dar es Salaam, the Architectural Association in London, the Afrika-Studiecentrum at the University of Leiden, Birmingham University and Glasgow University as well as research associateships with the Universities of Oxford, Copenhagen and Uppsala. Her research consultancy work spans various United Nations agencies including the International Labour Office, FAO, UNCTAD, UNRISD, UNICEF and the United Nations University. She pioneered the concept of de-agrarianization and has gained widespread recognition for her work on the transnational family.

Selected Publications


Mining and Social Transformation in Africa: Tracing Mineralizing and Democratizing Trends in Artisanal Production. 2014. London: Routledge Development Studies series (edited with Jesper Bosse Jønsson, Eleanor Fisher and Rose Mwaipopo), 217 pp. ISBN: 9780415833707.

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Journal Articles:

‘Artisanal Frontier Mining of Gold in Africa: Labour Transformation in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo’ 2016. (with S. Geenen) African Affairs, April 115(459), 296-317.

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‘Eureka and Beyond: Mining’s Impact on African Urbanisation’, 2012. (with D. MacKinnon), 513-27.

‘Unearthing Treasure and Trouble: Mining as an Impetus to Urbanisation in Tanzania’, 2012. 631-49. (with J.B. Jønsson, C. Kinabo & M. Shand).

in Journal of Contemporary African Studies, October 2012, Special Issue edited by Bryceson, D.F. and D. Mackinnon, Mining and Urbanisation in Africa: Population, Settlement and Welfare, 190 pp.

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Book chapters:

‘Beyond Livelihoods: Occupationality and Career Formation in African Artisanal Gold Mining’

in K. Havnevik, Tobisson, E. and T. Östigård (eds) 2016. Framing African Development – Challenging Concepts, Leiden, Brill. ISBN 9789004305410

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in Stahl, M. (ed.) Looking back, Looking Ahead: Land, Agriculture and Society in East Africa. 15 September, 2015. Uppsala. Nordic Africa Institute. ISBN 978-91-7106-774-6

‘Youth in Urbanizing Mining Settlements: Prospecting Tanzania’s Mineralized Future’

in Resnick, D. and J. Thurlow (eds) 2015. African Youth and the Persistence of Marginalization: Employment, Politics, and Prospects for Change, London, Routledge, 85-108.

‘Re-evaluating the Influence of Urban Agglomeration in Sub-Saharan Africa: Population Density, Technological Innovation and Productivity’,

in Parnell, S. & S. Oldfield (eds) 2014. The Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South, London, Routledge, 206-18.

‘Mineralizing Africa and Artisanal Mining’s Democratizing Influence’ (with J.B. Jønsson), 1-22.

‘Going for Gold: Miners’ Mobility and Motivation in Mineral Rushes’ (with J.B. Jønsson), 25-43.

‘Pursuing an Artisanal Mining Career: Downward Success’ (with J.B. Jønsson), 44-60.

‘Loosely-woven Love: Sexuality and Wifestyles in Gold-mining Settlements’ (with J.B. Jønsson and Hannelore Verbrugge), 61-78.

‘Beyond Belief: Mining, Magic and Murder in Sukumaland’ (with J.B. Jønsson & R. Sherrington), 95-109.

‘Artisanal Miners’ Democratizing Directions and Deviations’ (with Eleanora Fisher), 179-206. 

in Bryceson, D.F., E. Fisher, J.B. Jønsson and R. Mwaipopo (eds), Mining and Social Transformation in Africa: Mineralizing and Democratizing Trends in Artisanal Production, Development and Society series, London, Routledge.

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‘Between Moral Economy and Civil Society: Professional Ethics Bridging Familial Solidarity and Civic Morals’, 265-87. 

in Bryceson, D.F. (ed.) 2010. How Africa Works: Occupational Change, Identity and Morality, London, Practical Action Publishing.

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