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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


Teaching and Supervision

PhD Supervision and Teaching

I contribute to several courses in the MSc in Africa and International Development, the MSc in African Studies and the MSc in Science, Technology and International Development. I will also contribute to the new MSc programme in International Development, which will launch in 2011-12. I am also involved in the development of the new e-certificate in Africa and International Development, and am leading, with Prof Mark Rounsevell and Prof Sue Welburn, the inter-College development an exciting new MSc in Global Challenges.

I am external examiner to the MSc in Science, Society and Development at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, and to the new Masters in Development Practice, jointly delivered by Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.

I am interested in capacity building and training in developing countries having been employed as a lecturer and trainer in Africa in the past. Currently, I work most closely with the Nairobi-based African Centre of Technology Studies in running capacity building workshops around science policy for African policymakers, and I work hard to ensure that scholarships and other means of support are available for developing country students who wish to study in Edinburgh.  

I supervise students working on development issues in Africa and elsewhere, and particularly students working on the relationship between science, technology and development. Current supervisees include:

  • Adedamola Badejo (Neglected zoonoses and household health in Jos)
  • Kevin Bardosh (Livestock control and livelihoods in Africa)
  • Hannah Cook (Microfinance and its impact in Malawi)
  • Shona Lee ('Big data' and global health in Africa)
  • Vera Mugittu (Generating rural innovation in Tanzania)
  • Mabutho Shangase (State policymaking in South Africa)
  • Rebekah Thompson (Veterinary expertise and institutions in East Africa)
  • Ross Tsakas (PPPs and global health)

Recently completed PhDs that I have supervised include studies of agri-biotech discourses and networks in Kenya (Matt Harsh); IAVI and capacity building in East Africa (Becky Hanlin); Biofuels policy in India (Maija Hirvonen); development policy harmonisation in Uganda (Michelle Taylor); M-PESA and livelihoods in Kenya (Olga Morawczynski); rural livelihoods in Northern Cape, South Africa (Julie Grant); pastoralism in Kenya (James Pattison); politics and trade unionism in South Africa (Alex Beresford); alternative food networks in Zambia (Caryn Abrahams); and, biosafety harmonisation in Southern Africa (Julius Mugwagwa).