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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


Andrew Hom

Andrew Hom
Dr Andrew Hom
Lecturer in International Relations
Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 6504688
Research Interests
International Relations, International theory, Social constructivism, Narratives, timing / time / temporality, International Security, critical security studies, Process / Figurational Sociology, disciplinary history, classical realism

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • 9:30-11:00 Wednesdays, CMB 4.20

Programme Director MSc International Relations


Theories of International Relations (Hons, PLIT10053)

Global Security (Hons, PLIT10094)

Lectures on various PGT and UG courses


Lecturer in International Relations, University of Edinburgh School of Social & Political Sciences | September 2016 - present

Research Associate, University of Glasgow School of Social & Political Sciences | 2014 - 2016 (ESRC project, ‘Moral victories: Ethics, exit strategies, and the ending of wars’)

Teaching Fellow, University of St Andrews School of International Relations | Fall 2014

Lecturer (adjunct), Vanderbilt University Department of Political Science | Spring 2014


Ph.D., International Politics, Aberystwyth University | 2013

M.A., Political Science (with honours), University of Kansas | 2008

B.A., Religious Studies, University of Kansas | 2001

B.F.A., Industrial Design, University of Kansas | 2001


Journal Articles

2018 | 'Silent Order: The temporal turn in critical International Relations', Millennium Journal of International Studies 46 (3), Special Conference Issue: 'The Politics of Time in International Relations': 303-330.

2018 | 'Timing is Everything: Toward a Better Understanding of Time and International Politics', International Studies Quarterly 62 (1): 69-79.

2017 | 'Patriots All around: Inter/national Timing, Round Numbers, and the Politics of Commemorative Critique', Australian Journal of Politics and History 63 (3): 442-55.

2017 | '“A Bridge too far”? On the Impact of Worldly Relevance on International Relations'International Studies Review 19(4): 692–721.

2016 | ‘Angst Springs Eternal: Dangerous Times and the Dangers of Timing the “Arab Spring”’, Security Dialogue 47(2): 165-183.

2010 | ‘Hegemonic Metronome: The Ascendancy of Western Standard Time’, Review of International Studies 36(4): 1145-1170.

2010 | ‘Open Horizons: The Temporal Visions of Reflexive Realism’, International Studies Review 12(2): 271-300 (with Brent J. Steele).

2008 | ‘The New Legs Race: Critical Perspectives on Biometrics in Iraq’, Military Review (Jan-Feb): 85-94.

Edited books

2017 | Moral Victories: The Ethics of Winning Wars. Oxford University Press (with Kurt Mills and Cian O’Driscoll).

2016 | ‪A Space for Time: Essays on Time, Temporality and Global Politics. Bristol: E-International Relations Publishing (with Christopher McIntosh, Alasdair McKay, and Liam Stockdale).

Book chapters

2019 | 'Time in International Relations Theory', in The Oxford Handbook of Time and Politics, edited by Klaus H. Goetz. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2018 | 'Truth and power, uncertainty and catastrophe: Ethics in IR realism', in The Routledge Handbook of Ethics and International Relations, edited by Eric A. Heinze and Brent J. Steele. Abingdon: Routledge.

2016 | ‘Child’s Play: Temporal Discourse, Counterpower, and Environmental Politics’, chapter in Anna M. Agathangelou and Kyle Killian (eds.), Time, Temporality and Violence in IR: (De) Fatalizing the Present, Forging Radical Alternatives. Abingdon: Routledge Interventions Series (with Brent J. Steele).

2016 | ‘Timing, Identity, and Emotion in International Relations’, in Andrew R. Hom, Christopher McIntosh, Alasdair McKay, and Liam Stockdale, eds. ‪A Space for Time: Essays on Time, Temporality and Global Politics. Bristol: E-International Relations Publishing (with Ty Solomon).


2014 | Review of Mary Dudziak’s Wartime: An Idea, Its History, Its Consequences, in War in History 21(3): 392-93.

Other media

7 May 2018 | 'Agenda: A Political Dance to the Music of Time' The Herald.

24 January 2017 | 'Can't Lose for Winning: Victory in the Trump Presidency', with Cian O'Driscoll, The Disorder of Things.

3 October 2016 | 'Degrade and Destroy: Winning the War against Daesh', Defence-in-Depth.

18 June 2015 | ‘The War on Terror: Still a Losing Proposition’, Moral Victories Blog.

24 December 2012 | ‘Two Regimes of Time’, e-International Relations.

Topics interested in supervising

Timing, time, & temporality | IR theory - especially classical realism, constructivism, and critical approaches | Security | Intellectual and disciplinary history of IR | Sociological approaches to IR

If you are interested in being supervised by Andrew Hom, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Politics; MSc (R) Politics