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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


Manolis Kalaitzake

Manolis Kalaitzake
Dr Manolis Kalaitzake
Lecturer in Political Economy
Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Comparative/International Political Economy, Business-government relations, EU politics and policymaking, Financial markets, Central banking, Sociology of elites, Brexit


Lynch, K. & Kalaitzake, M. & Crean, M. (2020). Care and affective relations: Social justice and sociology. The Sociological Review.

Kalaitzake, M. (2020). Brexit for finance? Structural interdependence as a source of financial sector power within UK-EU withdrawal negotiations. Review of International Political Economy.

Kalaitzake, M. (2019). Accounting for success: The Big Four as allies of finance in post crisis regulatory reform. Business & Politics, 21(3): 297–326.

Kalaitzake, M. (2018). Central Banking and Financial Political Power: An investigation into the ECB. Competition & Change. 23 (3): 221–244.

Lynch, K. & Kalaitzake, M. (2018). Affective and Calculative Solidarity: Affective and calculative solidarity: the impact of individualism and neoliberal capitalism. European Journal of Social Theory. Online First.

Kalaitzake, M. (2017). The Political Power of Finance: The Institute of International Finance in the Greek Debt Crisis. Politics & Society, 45(3): 389-413.

Kalaitzake, M. (2017). Death by a Thousand Cuts? Financial Political Power and the Case of the European Financial Transaction Tax. New Political Economy, 22(6): 709-726.

Kalaitzake, M. (2015). Political capture by the financial industry. State of Power 2015, 17-27. Amsterdam: Transnational Institute.