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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


Mark Winskel

Mark Winskel
Dr Mark Winskel
Senior Chancellor's Research Fellow on Energy Innovation
F3 Chisholm House High School Yards Edinburgh UK EH1 1LZ
+44 (0)131 651 4086
Research Interests
Sociology of energy innovation, expertise and interdisciplinarity, sociotechnical system change, energy policy and politics, research-policy exchange, energy organisations and institutions, innovation systems

Research Interests

I research the socio-technical dynamics of energy innovation, energy system change and interdisciplinary energy research, based in the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies group in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. I also work with the UK Energy Research Centre and ClimateXChange, Scotland's national centre for expertise on climate change.

My research involves drawing on concepts from Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS), to address energy research and energy system change. I also study interdisciplinarity in energy research. My past role as national Research Co-ordinator for the UK Energy Research Centre involved initiating, supporting and leading collaborations between researchers from the social sciences, engineering and physical sciences and environmental sciences on energy and climate change research problems. I led a review of interdisciplinary research achievements and lessons in Phase 2 of the UK Energy Research Centre to help inform Phase 3 UKERC research from 2014.

My research work in Phase 3 UKERC (2014-19) involves developing possible pathways of energy system change, drawing on UKERC's interdisciplinary research programme. I also support UKERC's policy engagement and research-policy exchange efforts in Scotland.

In my Chancellors Fellowship on Energy innovation (2014-19) I am developing further research on interdisciplinarity in energy, research-policy exchange, and the role of experts and institutions in energy policy and research.

I also work for ClimateXChange on energy policy and research issues.

More details are at my personal website

I have an interdisciplinary educational background, with degrees in physical, environmental and social sciences.


Academic Journal Papers

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Books, Book Chapters

M.Winskel (2016) ‘From optimisation to diversity: Changing scenarios of UK buildings heating’ in D. Hawkey, J. Webb, D. McCrone. H. Lovell and M Winskel Sustainable Urban Energy Systems, pp.68-90, Routledge, London

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M. Winskel (2007) ‘Multi-level Governance and Energy Policy: Renewable Energy in Scotland’ in J. Murphy (ed.) Governing Technology for Sustainability. London. Earthscan, pp182-199.

Working Papers, Policy Papers and Consultancy Reports

M. Winskel (2015) 'Systems Thinking and Systems Modelling for Low Carbon Heating: Changing scenarios of domestic heating futures in the UK' Working Paper, March 2015

M. Winskel, D. Hawkey and R. Bolton (2014) ‘UK Energy System in Transition: Technology, Infrastructure and Investment’, UK Energy Research Centre / Edinburgh Centre for Carbon innovation, April 2014

M. Winskel, I. Ketsopoulou and T. Churchouse (2014) UKERC Interdisciplinary Review: Synthesis Report, UKERC Working Paper, London

M. Winskel (2013) ‘Energy Independence and Interdependence: a Workshop on Scotland’s Energy Future’, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation / UK Energy Research Centre, December 2013

M. Winskel (2013) ‘Energy and People: attitudes, behaviours and policies’, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation / UK Energy Research Centre, December 2013

H. Jeffrey and M. Winskel (2010) 'The Opportunity and Challenge for Ocean Energy as part of Energy System Decarbonisation: the UK Scenario' International Energy Agency, IEA-OES Annual Report 2009.

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M. Winskel and B. Moran (2008) 'Innovation Studies and Low Carbon Innovation: Recent Theoretical and Empirical Developments', report for the Carbon Trust, London.

M. Winskel (2007) 'Renewable Energy Networks and Clusters', report for One North East, Newcastle and Ove Arup, London.

Book Reviews, Magazine Articles, Blogposts

M. Winskel (2015) 'Doing Interdisciplinary Whole Systems Research: Looking back on UKERC's first 10 years', May 2015 (National Energy Research Network Blogpost).

M. Winskel (2014) 'Devolving further energy policy powers: a short commentary for the Smith Commission', Personal submission to the Smith Commission, October 2014.

M. Winskel (2014) Voters aren’t getting a full picture of UK energy prospects if Scotland leaves the union, UK Energy Research Centreand The Conversation, April 2014

M.Winskel, C. Candelise, H. Jeffrey and B. Jay (2010) 'How to Accelerate the Development of Renewable Energy' Energy World, November 2010

M. Winskel (2007) 'Governing Technology by Intellectual Property Rights' review of Intellectual Property Rights: Innovation,Governance and the Institutional Environment edited by Birgitte Andersen, in Science and Public Policy, July 2007, 450-452

M. Winskel (2007) Review of 'Energy and culture: perspectives on the power to work', by Brendan Dooley (Ed.) in Science of the Total Environment 376 (2007) 359–360

M. Winskel (2006) 'Taking the Initiative' Energy Engineering May / June 2006, 37-39 

Topics interested in supervising

I am interested in supervising PhD applicants on topics related to energy system change, energy policy, energy innovation and energy expertise and organisations, especially from a STIS (Science, Technology and Innovation Studies) analytical perspective.

If you are interested in being supervised by Mark Winskel, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Science and Technology Studies; MSc (R) Science and Technology Studies