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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


James Mittra

James Mittra
Dr James Mittra
Senior Lecturer and Head of Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies
Science Technology and Innovation Studies School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Room G.39 Old Surgeons' Hall High School Yards Edinburgh UK EH1 1LZ
+44 (0)131 650 2453
Research Interests
Innovation, translational medicine, agrobiotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, risk governance, regulation, stratified medicine, genomics, Regenerative Medicine, Value, Public-private partnerships, collaboration, interdiciplinarity

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • By Appointment


With an undergraduate background in Humanities and Social Science, followed by postgraduate work in sociology and science and technology studies (STS), I have developed interdisciplinary research interests around innovation in life sciences, with a specific focus on translational research, regulation, and risk-governance. I have been contributing to the development of new interdisciplinary methods and theories to better understand how ‘new biology’ is affecting the nature and process of health innovation and contributing to the global bioeconomy.

Through a series of related projects following my doctoral work on the impact of genetic knowledge on the life assurance industry, I explored the nature and practical implications of translational medicine and the changing organisation and management of health R&D . With colleagues in the Innogen Institute, I have developed novel methods for studying business models and value systems for new technologies that do not have a conventional route to market, particularly in the field of regenerative medicine and stratified medicine.

More recently I have been exploring the concept of value (economic and non-economic aspects) in health-related innovation; particularly in the context of interdisciplinary and translational research where the distinction between public and commercial, and relationship between laboratory and clinic, has become blurred. This was written up in my first monograph: The New Health Bioeconomy: R&D Policy and Innovation for the Twenty-first century (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

In April 2016, I was honoured to spend a week visiting the College of the Environment and Life Sciences at the University of Rhode Island as part of its Distinguished Visiting International Scholar programme.

In 2018 I successfully completed the Edinburgh Teaching Award and became a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Authority (SFHEA)


I am currently Head of the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies Subject Group.  Previously I have been Deputy Director (Research) of the Graduate School of Social and Political Science (2015-2017); Director of the MSc in Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation and Goverance (BIG) (2014-2017) Deputy Director of the Innogen Institute (2014-2017); and Postgraduate Research Advisor (admissions) for STIS (2014-2015), when I also convened the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies Pathway for the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science.


BA (Hons) Humanities and Social Science (Sociology with Philosophy) (MMU 1997)

MA Sociology (University of Leeds 1998)

PhD Sociology (University of Warwick 2004)

Edinburgh Teaching Award (Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Authority) (2018)


Research Interests

Innovation, translational medicine, agrobiotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, risk governance, regulation, stratified medicine, genomics, Regenerative Medicine, Value, Public-private partnerships, collaboration, interdiciplinarity

Research Overview

My interests include:

  • - Impact of the life science and new biology on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries;
  • - New business models and value systems in the bioeconomy
  • - New approaches to value and pricing in healthcare
  • - Translational research and collaborative approaches to R&D;
  • - Risk governance and regulation of advanced technoogies
  • - Genetic risk, probability and insurance
  • - Stakeholder engagement with science and technology; 
  • I am happy to supervise doctoral students wishing to explore these and related topics.

Current Projects

I am currently writing up work from recently completed projects, and planning a book proposal on risk, uncertainty and the idea of progress.

Completed Projects

Other Research Activities


  1. Mittra, J. (2016) ‘What is the Bioeconomy and How should we Value it?’, Public Lecture, Distinguished Visiting International Scholar Programme, Ryan Family Auditorium, Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, University of Rhode Island, April 26th, 2016.
  2. Mittra, J. (2016) ‘Challenges and Opportunities in Collaboration between the Natural and Social Sciences:  Case studies from Regenerative Medicine and Agricultural Biotechnology’, Seminar talk to the  Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, the Coastal Institute Building, University of Rhode Island, April 29, 2016.
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  5. Mittra, J (2012) ‘Repairing the Broken Middle of the Health Innovation Pathway: The Emergence of ‘Translational Medicine and its Impact on Organisational Practice’, Invited Keynote Lecture, International Conference on Translational Research in Biomedicine: Challenges and Good Practice’, November 19th, Berlin
  6. Mittra, J., H. Lowrie., J. Tait & M. Mastroeni (2011) ‘Overcoming the Translational Gap in Commercialisation of Stem Cell Therapy’, Remedie Closing Conference: Bringing Regenerative Medicine to the Clinic: Trials and Tribulations in Europe and Beyond, April 18/19, Bilbao, Spain
  7. Mittra, J (2005) 'Regulation of Human Reproductive Technologies in the UK:  Libertarian Values Versus Communitarian Fears' – Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, 16th September  – Workshop organised by the Seminar in Science Studies, University of Oslo


  1. Mittra, J (2014) ‘Innovation/Regulation Interactions and Business Models for Antimicrobial Drug Development’, Invited by the Medical Research Council to speak at its workshop ‘Small molecule approaches to antibiotics – how can we enhance, develop and target’, part of its Tackling AMR’  A Cross Council Initiative, Tuesday 25 November, London
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  6. Mittra, J. (2008) ‘Risk Governance of Stem Cells as Therapeutic Products and Broader Implications for Innovation’, PEALS Spring Symposium (The Identification, Regulation and Implications of Risk Within Stem Cell Research), 10-11 April, 2008, Durham Castle
  7. Mittra, J. (2007) ‘’Risk Governance and Regulation of Stem Cells as Therapeutic Products’, Stem Cells: European Business Summit, Edinburgh, 12th October 2007 (paper also delivered at ESRC Genomics Network Conference, London, 25th October
  8. Mittra, J (2007) ‘Insurance and Healthcare in the Molecular Age’, invited discussant for Biodata, Health and Security Research Workshop, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Lancaster, June 29th
  9. Mittra, J & J. Tait (2006) ‘Public-Private Partnerships in Translational Medicine: Scotland’s Translational Medicine Research Collaboration (TMRC)’, Paper presented at OECD Expert Workshop, ‘Emerging Research models for the Delivery of Health Innovation’, Paris, November 20-21
  10. Tait, J., and J. Mittra (2006) ‘Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet: Can Genomics Harmonise with Chemistry?’, SCIpharm, Wednesday 17 May, Edinburgh International Conference Centre


  1. Banda, G., Tait, J., and Mittra, J (2017) ‘Regenerative Medicine Business models’, Regenerative Medicine in the UK Health System, Final conference of the ESRC REGenableMED Project, King’s College London, May 23rd
  2. Mittra, J. (2017) ‘Regulation and Governance of Advanced Therapies’, 3rd European Technology Assessment Conference, University of Cork, May 18th
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  4. Mittra, J. (2015) ‘Innovative Health and Scientific Research: Scotland within the UK: together or apart?’, Invited presentation to the Morningside Justice and Peace Group, February 11, 2015, The Open Door Café, Morningside, Edinburgh

  5. Mittra, J.  (2014) ‘Innogen and the STRATIS Method: A Case Study of Cultured Blood Innovation’, Invited talk to Scottish Government, Edinburgh, October 24, 2014

  6. Mittra, J. (2014) – Invited panel speaker (alongside 3 MSPs) at Edinburgh International Science Festival event ‘Choosing a Healthy Future’ (part of series of events linked to the independence referendum), National Museum of Scotland, April 10

  7. Mittra, J, E. Barlow & M. Mastroeni (2014) ‘Is Scottish Independence Bad for your Health?’, Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, Beltane Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas, August 9th

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Guidance and Feedback Hours

By Appointment

Undergraduate Teaching

I guest lecture on the first/second year course Science, Nature and the Environment.

Postgraduate Teaching

I currently organise and teach the online course Regulation and Governance of New Therapies. This is an interdisciplinary, online course that equips students with in-depth knowledge and critical understanding of the regulation and governance of drug innovation, including both early stage R&D and translation of new science/technology to the clinic for public health benefit and the needs of the growing health bioeconomy. I also provide a guest lecture on the Biobusiness course.

PhD Supervision

PhD Topics

I am interested in supervising students on a broad range of topics in health-related innovation, policy and regulation, including new empirical and theoretical approaches to the health-related bioeconomy; innovation, risk governance and regulation of advanced therapies; value(s) and valuation practices in health innovation; understanding new R&D practices and stakeholder relations within health systems; and global challenges in areas like antimicrobial resistance.

Find out more about the programmes that I am involved with:

PhD in Science and Technology Studies; MSc (R) Science and Technology Studies

Current PhD Students

Anna Couturier (2017-) 'Mapping the Impact of Algorithms on Digital Biocitizenship: A Case Study on Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Derived Therapies'

Rosalind Attenborough (2015-) ‘Open Science as an Identity and Epistemic Virtue’ (ESRC funded)

Completed PhD Students

Sara Valencia-Cadavid (2018) ‘Knowledge Management in the Outsourcing of Clinical Trials to Produce Vaccines in Global Alliances. Case study of Dengue Vaccine in Latin America’

David Johnson (2016) ‘Regenerative Medicine Venturing: Entrepreneurial Behaviour and New Venture Development Under High Levels of Perceived Environmental Uncertainty’ (Supervised with the Business School)

Emma King (2013):Innovation and regulation interactions in the development of clinical stem cell therapies’ (ESRC Case Student)

Donna Messner (2008): ‘Fast Track: The Transformation of Drug Approval and the Clinical Trial System for Drug Evaluation in the United States’ 


My ORCID idenitfier is: 0000-0002-0185-6770


Mittra, J. (2016) The New Health Bioeconomy: R&D Policy and Innovation for the Twenty-first Century(New York: Palgrave Macmillan)

Chapter 1 available here

Review in New Genetics and Society here

Mittra, J & C. Milne (eds) (2013) Translational Medicine: The Future of Therapy?, (Singapore: Pan-Stanford)

Peer Reviewed Articles

Mittra, J., and Zoukas, G. (2020) ‘Unpacking the Concept of Bioeconomy: Problems of Definition, Measurement and the Attribution of Value’, Science and Technology Studies, 33 (1): 2-21

Mittra, J., Bruce, A., Scannell, Jack W., and Tait, J. (2019) ‘The Role of the Regulatory System in Supporting Innovation Pathways for the Development of New Antimicrobial Drugs’, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, (in press)

Mastroeni, M., Mittra, J., and Tait, J (2019) 'Political Influences on Biotechnology-based Innovation for European Agriculture: Risk-Assessment and Risk Management', Technology Analysis and Strategic Management (published online first)

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Book Chapters

Gardner, J., Webster, A., and Mittra, J. (2017) ‘ The ‘Entrepreneurial State’ and the Leveraging of Life in the Field of Regenerative Medicine’, in Pavone, P., and Goven. J (eds) Bioeconomies: Life, Technology and Capital in the 21st Century, (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan)

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Mittra, J. & C. Milne (2013) ‘Introduction to Translational Medicine’, in Mittra & Milne (eds) Translational Medicine: The Future of Therapy? 2013, Pan-Stanford: Singapore, pp. 3-13

Major Reports

Tait, J., Bruce, A., Mittra, J., Purves, J., and Scannell, J. (2014) Independent Review on Antimicrobial Resistance: Regulation-Innovation Interactions and the Development of Antimicrobial Drugs and Diagnostics for Human and Animal Diseases, Main Report for ESRC Innogen Institute

Mittra, J., M. Mastroeni & J. Tait (2014) Engaging with Uncertainty and Risk in Agricultural Biotechnology Regulation: Delivering Safety and InnovationFinal Report of ESRC/Syngenta Knowledge Exchange Project

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Mastroeni, M., J. Mittra & J. Tait (2012) Methodology for the Analysis of Life Science Innovation Systems (ALSIS) and its Application to Three Case StudiesFinal Report of the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Project REALISE, May 2012

Mittra, J., & Tait, J. (2009) ‘Stem Cells’, chapter for RiskBridge Report, SAS6-CT-2006-036661, pp. 224-268

Mittra, J (2009) ‘Risk Governance and Policy Learning Within and Between Risk Fields‘, Proceedings of the RiskBridge Final Conference ECFP6 Coordination Action

Refereed Working Papers

Mittra, J., M. Mastroeni., D. Wield., E. Barlow and K. Snowden (2014) ‘The Scottish Institutional Ecology of Health and Clinical/Medical Research and Key Issues for Scottish Independence’, Innogen Working Paper Number 109,

Haddow, G., J. Mittra., K. Snowden., E. Barlow and D. Wield (2014) ‘From “Sick Man” to “Living Lab”: The Narrative of Scottish Health Since Devolution’, Innogen Working Paper, Number 108, Series ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland.

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Mittra, J (2003) ‘Innovation Processes in Genomics Industry Sectors’, Innogen Working Paper 548

Policy Briefs/Consultation Responses

Mittra. J., E. Barlow., M. Mastroeni., D. Wield., G. Haddow (2014) ‘The Implications of Scottish Independence for Healthcare and Medical Research’, Innogen Briefing Number 2, August 2014, Series ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland.

Mittra., J (2009) Innogen Response to Human Genetics Commission Enquiry into Direct to Consumer Genetic TestsOctober 2009:

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Mittra, J. (2007) ‘Changing Strategies of Big Pharma’, Innogen Policy Brief

Tait, J, Mittra, J (2004) ‘Complexity and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry’, Innogen policy brief

Other Publications

Mittra, J., G. Haddow and M. Mastroeni (2014) ‘Is Scottish Independence Bad for your Health?’ The Conversation, 12 August, 2014,

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