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James Stewart

James Stewart
Dr James Stewart
Research Fellow and Lecturer
2:02 Old Surgeons' Hall High School Yards Edinburgh UK EH1 1LZ
+44 (0)131 650 6392
Research Interests
Technology and society, Media and society, Political Economy of Market Microstructure, Policy issues related to the governance of science, technology, innovation, Work & Labour, Social media and internet technologies, Space, place and the city, Social network analysis, Open Content Licensing, Computer models and simulations for policy, Social Shaping of Internet and Society, Digital Work, digital culture, digital research, Digital games and social inclusion, Innovation in elderly care, EU Policy, crowdsourcing, ICTs and development, , telecoms policy and innovation, Innovation, Open Data, Domestic Technology, the family, Mobile communications, Social Inclusion, ICTs in Social and Employment Policy, Digital Divide, participatory design, digital evidence

James Stewart is a lecturer and research fellow at the University of Edinburgh in the Institute for Science, Technology and Innovation. He works in the field of technology studies, concentrating on the appropriation, consumption and use of new ICTs and the co-evolution of large scale systems of technology and culture. He has recently returned from 3 years as a Scientific Officer at the Institute for Prospective Technology Studies at the European Commission, in the Action on ICTs for Social Inclusion, with responsibility for the work on Employment, and contributing to work on social innovation and impact assessment of local ICT-enabled services.

He has a BEng in Electronics, and MSc and PhD in Science and Technology Studies. His research interests are focused on the appropriation and innovation done in technology, policy and practice as new technologies, in particular ICTs, are shaped to support the activities and relationships of particular domains of everyday life, industry or government. His recent work has been on standardisation,interdisciplinary research, social network systems, the merging of virtual and physical space; China and EU innovation policy, future mobile and wireless systems, gender and technology . Other work includes cybercafes, digital inclusion, digital cities, developing Internet business, public space and ICTs,and managing innovative multimedia projects. His doctoral research was on social processes involved in how we engage, adopt (or not) and cope with new media and ICTs in our everyday lives at home and work. James is a commentator on the convergence of media, and on the future shape and use of mobile devices.

At the IPTS he lead work on impact, development and implementation of ICTs for home carers, of digital games for social inclusion, and on online work exchanges. He commissioned and edited a series of report on online work, Time Banks and online volunteering.  

He is currently teaching a course on that is called both' Marketing Technical Products' and 'Product Development' from an STS perspective, and developing new coures on the Use of digital research 

In collaboration with the School of Informatics and School of Design and the City of Edinburgh Council,  James is teaching a participative project based course on 'designing with data' , which is intended to be the basis of an 'Edinburgh Living Lab'.

James is interested in developing research, and offer degree supervision, on Digital Evidence for policy and business, impacts and design of online markets, and on crowdsourcing and citizen science.

In the past he has taught courses on Internet and Society, the Information Society, and the Social Shaping of ICTs. He contributes teaching to various courses on Development, Design,  Urban culture and others.




ATBEST; Branded Meeting Places; CHINA; FLOWSMyFIRE;Non-Place; Parcelcall; ProHeatPump; PROMETEA; SIGIS; SLIM; SLL;UK e-Infrastructure for Research





Working Papers

  • ISSTI WP1: Girls and Boys Stay in to Play [download]

Topics interested in supervising

I am interested in supervising PhDs in: Development, use and regulation of Information and Communication technologies Innovation in ICTs and Telecoms, e-science, Digital research, Online Community, E-inclusion, Social policy in the Digital World, ICT in Social care, Digital Serious Games, The Future of Work in the Information Society, Smart Cities, ICTs and Development Digital Markets Crowdsourcing Crowdfunding Neurocontrol of IT Digital infrastructures Digital Evidence

If you are interested in being supervised by James Stewart, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Science and Technology Studies; MSc (R) Science and Technology Studies