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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


Jochen Clasen

Jochen Clasen
Professor Jochen Clasen
Professor of Comparative Social Policy - Head of Subject
2.04 Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 650 9922
Research Interests
Comparative social policy, Unemployment, Labour Market, social security, European social policy, welfare reform

Biographical statement

I joined the School of Social and Political Studies in 2007. Previously I held a Chair in Comparative Social Research at the University of Stirling, and visiting research positions at the Universities of Roskilde, EUI Florence, Tubingen and the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin. My research areas are comparative social policy research, labour market and social security policy and welfare reform.

I am co-founder and honorary president of ESPAnet, the European Social Policy Analysis network. I am also the editor (jointly with T. Meyer, Southampton University) of the Journal of European Social Policy .

I have held major research grants awarded by the ESRC, European Commission, Anglo-German Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and smaller awards from the DWP, the Hans-Bockler Foundation and the Carnegie Trust. 

Recent Theses

I am happy to supervise postgraduate research theses in comparative social policy, unemployment and labour market policy, social security and welfare reform. Completed and current PhD projects include: the integration of long-term unemployed in Glasgow (H. Bennett); activation policies in the UK and Germany (A. Goerne); global markets for health care labour (E. Plotnikova), intergenerational transfers: variations across Europe (T. Emery), working-age benefits, activation and non-employment in the UK and Denmark (D. Heap), temporary agency workers in the UK and Italy (A Bertoli), educational policy in England and Austria (A. Pultar) and pension reform in the UK (L. Robertson).

Office hours

Wednesdays 9.30-11.30

Selected Publications 

Income Security during Sickness Absence. What do British middle classes do?, Social Policy & Administration ,51/7, 1101-1018, 2017.

Comparative Social Policy Analysis and Active Labour Market Policy: Putting Quality before Quantity (with D Clegg and A Goerne), Journal of Social Policy, 45/1, 21-38, 2016.

Soziale Sicherung bei Arbeitslosigkeit - auf dem Weg in den Dualismus? Die Hartz-Reformen in historish-komparativer Perspektive, (with D Clegg), WSI Mitteilungen, 67/3, 192-198, 2014.

Benefit dependency: the pros and cons of using ‘caseload’ data for national and international comparisons, (with J. De Deken), International Social Security Review, 66/2, 53-78, 2013.

Unemployment and income protection: how do better earning households expect to manage financially?, (with A. Koslowski), Journal of Social Policy, 42/3, 587-603, 2013. 

Converging Worlds of Welfare? British and German Social Policy in the 21st Century, (ed), Oxford University Press, 2011.

Regulating the Risk of Unemployment. National Adaptations to Post-Industrial Labour Markets in Europe, (ed with Daniel Clegg), Oxford University Press, 2011.

Exit Bismarck, enter dualism? Assessing contemporary German labour market policy, (with A. Goerne), Journal of Social Policy, 40(4), 795-810, 2011.

Les nouvelles politiques de l’emploi au Royaume-Uni et en Allemagne, Critique International, 43, 2, 37-50, 2009.

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Investigating welfare state change – the dependent variable problem in comparative analysis, (with N.A. Siegel) (eds) Edward Elgar, 2007.

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Beyond activation: reforming European unemployment protection systems in post-industrial labour markets, (with D. Clegg), European Societies, 8, 4, 555-581, 2006.

Topics interested in supervising

I am happy to supervise postgraduate research theses in comparative social policy, particularly in the areas of labour markets, social security and welfare reform. Most of the theses I have supervised are cross-national in character involving European countries in particular.

If you are interested in being supervised by Jochen Clasen, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Social Policy