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Angus Bancroft

Angus Bancroft
Dr Angus Bancroft
4f1 18 Buccleuch Place Edinburgh UK EH8 9JS
+44 (0)131 650 6642
Research Interests
Drug users, dealers and traffickers, drug policy, drug culture, Alcohol, the darknet, digital culture, Digital Sociology, illicit markets, binge drinking

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • Wednesday 9-11am - please email to see me outside of this time

Guidance and feedback: Wednesday 11am-1pm. Just email to arrange to meet me outside of that.

Current research

I am currently researching policies to reduce demand in human trafficking; views of users of online drug marketplaces; views of cannabis growers.

Selected Publications - you can find many of these at my page or please email me if you cannot get access:

Angus Bancroft and Peter Scott Reid (2016) 'Challenging the techno-politics of anonymity: the case of cryptomarket users', Information, Communication and Society,  early online,

Angus Bancroft and Ralph Fevre (2016) Dead White Men and Other Important People: Sociology's Big Ideas, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2nd. ed.  Amazon. Companion website.

Angus Bancroft and Peter Scott Reid (2015) 'Concepts of illicit drug quality among darknet market users: Purity, embodied experience, craft and chemical knowledge', International Journal of Drug Policy, early online,

Angus Bancroft, Mariah Jade Zimpfer, Orla Murray and Martina Karels (2014) 'Working at Pleasure in Young Women's Alcohol Consumption: A Participatory Visual Ethnography', Sociological Research Online, 16, 2, 20,

Angus Bancroft (2012) 'Drinking With and Without Fun: Female students' accounts of pre-drinking and club-drinking', Sociological Research Online, 17 (4).

Angus Bancroft (2009) Drugs, Intoxication and Society, Cambridge: Polity PressBuy at Amazon UK.

Angus Bancroft (2005) Roma and Gypsy-Travellers in Europe: Modernity, Race, Space and Exclusion, Avebury: Ashgate Press.

Topics interested in supervising

I am keen to supervise PhD students in the fields of: illicit drug use and regulation, the darknet, alcohol, crime and policing.

If you are interested in being supervised by Angus Bancroft, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Sociology; MSc (R) Sociology