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School of Social and Political Science: Staff profiles


Chris Playford

Chris Playford
Dr Chris Playford
Research Fellow in Social Science Research (Data Analysis and Statistics)
3.20 18 Buccleuch Place Edinburgh UK EH8 9LN
+44 (0)1316513866
Research Interests
Social Stratification, Sociology of Education, Social surveys, Administrative Data, statistical analysis

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Current Research Interests

I am interested in modelling family background measures and educational attainment with a substantive interest in inequality and disadvantage. I have wider interest in health outcomes associated with social stratification, for example mental health, birth weight and child development. I specialise in the secondary analysis of large-scale survey and administrative data. My work involves a range of quantitative techniques - generalised linear and mixed models, latent class analysis and multiple imputation of missing data.

Journal Articles

Christopher Playford, Vernon Gayle, Roxanne Connelly, Susan Murray, 'Parental socioeconomic influences on filial educational outcomes in Scotland: patterns of school-level educational performance using administrative data', (2016), Contemporary Social Science, Vol 11, pp 183-202

Christopher Playford, Vernon Gayle, Roxanne Connelly, Alasdair J. G. Gray, 'Administrative Social Science Data: The challenge of reproducible research', (2016), Big Data and Society, Vol 3, pp 1-13

Roxanne Connelly, Christopher Playford, Vernon Gayle, Chris Dibben, 'The Role of Administrative Data in the Big Data Revolution in Social Science Research', (2016), Social Science Research, Vol 59, pp 1-12

Chris Playford, Vernon Gayle, 'The concealed middle?: An exploration of ordinary young people and school GCSE subject area attainment', (2016), Journal of Youth Studies, Vol 19, pp 149-168

Chris Dibben, Christopher Playford, Richard Mitchell, 'Be(ing) prepared: Guide and Scout participation, childhood social position and mental health at age 50—a prospective birth cohort study', (2016), Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health

Vikki Mccall, Christopher Playford, 'Culture and the Scottish Household Survey', (2012), Cultural Trends, Vol 21, pp 149-172

Vernon Gayle, Chris Playford, Paul S. Lambert, 'Scottish Social Survey Data, Past, Present and Future – Does Scotland Need its Own Data Strategy?', (2008), Radical Statistics, Vol 97, pp 82-97

Working Papers

Vernon Gayle, Christopher Playford, Roxanne Connelly, Susan Murray, 'Between the NEET and the tidy - Exploring ‘middle’ outcomes in Scottish school qualifications', CPC Working Papers, (2016)

Vernon Gayle, Chris Playford, 'The concealed middle? An exploration of ordinary young people and school GCSE subject area attainment', (2014)